Kickstarter Silam No. 1 & 2: Zinequest of Dungeon Crawl Classics

We're launching a Kickstarter on February 6th for Zinequest to fund the art, layout and editing of Silam No. 2: The Trials of Riao and a print-run of Silam No.1: The Spike of Dosku! The preview page for you to sign up for launch notifications is now live here!

What do you get with Silam 1 & 2?
  • An original setting for DCC--an alternative fantasy about a nation in the midst of a civil war
  • Three new classes
  • A Funnel adventure
  • A Level 1 adventure
  • All original monsters
  • Five new deities
  • Three new weapons
  • And a new spell!
Silam 1 has been out since October--we're so excited to bring Issue 2 to the community and hope you'll join us!

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