First Post
To the one known as Silver,

We have had one meeting thus far. This should be obvious, I wish to meet again. I presume you were holding back quite a bit as I was.

Best regards,
Defcarr, Leader of Darkness.

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First Post
[narration] Glances over at the cork boards stops and looks to a scribed note. Hmms alittle his expressions left unreadably as he takes out a quil and scribes something upon the parchment [/narration]

Holding back? I was giving it my all, little else can i do other then what has been seen, though i am filled with a certain thougfulness at the idea that you were holding back, i hope to see more of this, though there will be no returning from this second. I am prepared, and as i have now seen you in person, i know what needs to be done.

Silver Shulad

[narration] leans back as he looks at his writing cocking his head alittle, turns and walks away. [/narration]


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