Release Six-Hack Mark 17 Released!


Front Range Warlock
Six-Hack, the game that started off as a hack of OD&D (1974) has had its 17th iteration released under a CC license today. Damage causing spells and healing spells have been added, some of the monster entries have been edited (primarily for brevity, but also to step away from the OGL), and (as mentioned already) the game has been released under a CC license. It's still a work in progress, but is completely playable in its current state and, if you buy in now (for two whole US dollars), you'll gain access to all future drafts right up until the final draft (which will add artwork and likely be Kickstarted as a 'zine). Current features include an action point system, a monster-creation system, and detailed rules for overland travel. Get it here, now: Six-Hack (MK 17) by jdrakeh

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