Slaves of the Dragon (orsal judging)


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ooc: Sounds like it makes sense to me, SlagMortar. So, 5208.18 apiece, and the four who're helping out Z'zess lose 75 of that.

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SlagMortar said:
So if I have this straight, we each got 5200.68 if we sold all the equipment. Jack could have taken the sword for 4155 (it's sale price), but instead gave each party member 600 gold. 7 party members times 600 = 4200 so Jack paid an extra 45 gp into the pot for the shortsword. This means everyone but Jack gets an extra 7.5 gp on top of their 5200.68? Not a big deal, but I'm just making sure that we didn't all receive an extra 600.
OOC: Correct. Since we hadn't technically travelled back to Orussus to sell stuff yet, I wasn't taking into account the sale price of the magic items. Jack simply took the estimated cost of the sword, rounded up to the nearest hundred, and divided by seven.


Katerine -> Silver Raven
Jack -> Shortsword
Opale -> Potion of CLW
Quarion -> Headband
Farid -> Potion of CLW

There is still three item unclaim:
- Potion of CLW
- Robe of Bone
- Buckler +1

If the potion is not claimed by the next 48 hours, Opale will take it instead of selling it.


25 (The price we have sold them... in other word, we have sold them to you for teh same price the market would have bought it.)

Rae ArdGaoth

Quarion Holimion, Elven Druid

Quarion takes the headband and wraps it around his forehead delicately. He feels the surge of magic enter him, and enjoys the warm glow of wisdom that fills him. Smiling serenely, he whispers. "Yes... This was worth every copper." Louder, he says, "Thank you, friends, for giving me this opportunity to open my eyes, in more than one way." He bows to Z'zess. "You especially, scaled one. I was wrong to judge you and your people prematurely, without even a thought as to your own unique culture and special circumstances. I do not expect forgiveness, but I hope for understanding. Hopai yr'sylvesterai dana sae eassae." He bows again, to everyone who still remains in the party. "We will part ways now. May Verdante bring green life to you. Come, Garma."

With that, Quarion Holimion the elf and his wolf companion Garma, disappear into the forest.

OOC: Are we all wrapped up here, then? It was a good run, folks. I'll see you back in the Red Dragon Inn.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
orsal said:
I approve the awards for this adventure. Thanks KO for another well-crafted story.
Since this was before we had figured out the treasure, does it have to be approved again?

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Adventure Summary - Slaves of the Dragon
Several years ago, kobolds under the leadership of a dragon (actually a human lycanthrope) with the name Eskaron took control over a few human villages, among them Grenton. Grenton was also home to Eskaron's father, Meras, who would claim that Eskaron was no real dragon. Originally, Eskaron left his father be, but one day, he resolved to execute him personally in his half-lizard form. Unbeknownst to him, he was watched by a small girl, Sina, who fled the town after witnessing Meras' death. As the kobolds were still searching for her, she met Jakub, a merchant on his way to Orussus.
He took her to the Red Dragon Inn, where he gathered a large number of adventurers (Farid, Jack, Katherine, Opale, Planus, Quarion, Rika, Thanyvan, Veras-Re) to free Grenton from Eskaron's grasp. He brought them to Allimon, where he outfitted them with horses, and they set out south, first passing through the tiny Felden, twice, hearing that Grenton no longer buys much.
After leaving Felden, the group came across a team of kobolds that was searching for Sina, led by Z'zess. After defeating the kobolds and interrogating them, turning up the first evidence that not all kobolds stand behind Eskarons' rule, Jakub took the captured kobolds back to Allimon to put in custody. As the group approached Grenton, they split up, one group exploring the surroundings and the forest to the south, and the other entering Grenton proper.
The group entering Grenton is greeted by a person in a watchtower and by Sina's mother, Jeline, then buy a few nights of sleep in the barn of an old man, Marl. In the morning, the illusionist in the group, Opale, takes the appearance of Marl to talk to Jeline while the remaining adventurers occupy him. However, Opale is a bit careless in her choice of words, and makes the listening kobolds suspicious, so they prepare to ambush the adventurers and burn down Grenton after the adventurers leave town.
The group exploring the wilderness circles the village, finding the east watchtower manned by a sleeping guard, and the southern watchtower a simple hollow shell. Continuing to the forest, the group finds a campsite for the night, and the druid Quarion sends his wolf Garma to hunt. During the night, Garma catches sight of a kobold procession, along with Eskaron, and flees. The next morning, they follow where Garma met the Dragon and follow the trails to a clearing, where they witness enslaved villagers from elsewhere giving their produce to the kobolds and Eskaron. Outnumbered, the group heads back towards Grenton.
Shortly after the two groups rejoined and started planning their potential attack against Eskaron, the kobolds sprung their own ambush. However, the combined group had little difficulty defeating them. They did however learn that Grenton was in danger. Rushing back to the village, with Jack scouting ahead, they see the preparations to burn down the village and the attempt to grab anything that may still be valuable, the villagers imprisoned. Jack frees the first villagers as the remaining adventurers arrive, and they make short work of the threat, with only Marl's house being set on fire, which is quickly put out.
With the threat gone for the time being, the villagers split into two camps, one of which wants to stay and help the adventurers, the other which wants to abandon Grenton to begin a new life and forget Eskaron and the kobolds. Katherine manages to sway them somewhat while some of the group explore the kobold tunnels beneath the village, finding them mostly abandoned but for a dying old priest in a shrine, who tells them more about Eskaron and the kobold factions, helps them with a phrase to distinguish between hostile and friendly kobolds, and tries to tell them Eskaron's secret. Later a group from Felden arrived to help.
Interpreting the words of the dying priest, the group coats some of its weapons with silver, hoping for Eskaron to be a lycanthrope, and the next day, they and a group of ten villagers sets out to Eskaron's lair, while the remaining villagers create makeshift barricades. In the lair, the heroes battle a number of kobolds, enlisting the aid of a kobold druid for the final battle against Eskaron and a large kobold troop. In that final battle, the druid cut off Eskaron's escape route, and the remaining heroes manage to take down the hostile kobolds and Eskaron, with Farid beheading Eskaron.
With Eskaron's death, the new kobold leaders withdraw from the occupied villages and with Jakub's help leave some reparations. Sina is brought back to Grenton. The new kobold leaders try for peace with Grenton, though the years of slavery aren't easily forgotten. Z'zess is set free by Farid, Katherine, Opale, and Quarion.

Location Information
Felden is a tiny town between Allimon and Grenton, about fourty miles from each, little more than a few houses on each side of a path with several fields. It doesn't typically appear on maps.
Felden no longer has an inn, as very few travellers come through since Grenton has had its problems. Some people are willing to rent out rooms.
Sunrods are not available in Felden. They have torches, after all.

Grenton is too small to appear on most maps. It lies south to south-south west from Allimon, south-west from Orussus, and north-west from Lathirn. It is about 80 miles away from Allimon.
Grenton's occupation by Eskaron's clan began about five years before Sina fled.
Grenton is guarded by four rather crude watchtowers, evenly spaced, with flags that can be arranged to signal approaching people.
The southern watchtower is actually hollow, and only exists to keep appearances up - the kobolds don't expect much trouble from their own lands, and thus don't mind the growing brush that would obscure the vision of guards in that tower.
At the time the adventurers arrived in Grenton, it had no inn, and few villagers were willing to provide room.
Grenton has a marketplace and a forge.
There is a tunnel network beneath Grenton dug by the kobolds. Marl's house and barn are two of the few buildings not connected to it, and many villagers are locked into them as the kobolds prepare the burning of Grenton. The tunnel network is surprisingly clean.
To the south of Grenton is a forest, a few hours of travel removed. It contains a number of clearings that were used by Eskaron's clan and the enslaved villages for unseen delivery of the confiscated wares.
Within the forest, on a hill by a lake, lies a cottage that disguises an entrance into Eskaron's lair.​

Eskaron's Lair
The cottage that hides the entrance to Eskaron lair is small, containing only a false bed and a kitchen, and has a small chimney. It has a single door with a lock, and windows to the east and the west each. The windows are locked by a simple hook. There seems to be a mechanism to open the western wall.
The bed is little more than a frame with sheets draped over it, disguising an unlit tunnel going downwards. It contains a pulley system that might be used for transporting goods. A level in the tunnel might be able to open the west wall. It is about 100 feet long and opens into the western end of a large room.
The room is square, over 100 feet large at each wall. It has one exit to the east leading to a krenshar pen, and one exit north leading to a hexagonal assembly hall. That hall is level with the lake, and by the north wall contains a small pool connected to it, as an exit for Eskaron. Each of the other walls sports a door.
The northwestern door leads through a trapped tunnel to Eskaron's sanctum. Most traps are spear traps, but one blade trap sits in the middle of the tunnel. A lever under Eskaron's bed can arm and disarm the trap. Eskaron's room is obviously, but sparsly, furnished for a human. A desk full with books and papers, a bed, and a chest are the only visible pieces of furniture. A second door leads further to the northwest. Behind it, one finds another chest.
Most of the kobold tunnels are surprisingly clean, apart from the one leading to the krenshar pen.​

Knight Otu

NPC Information
Sina: A frightened young girl that witnessed Eskaron killing a man, when she had hoped she might save him, and then fled Grenton. She came across the merchant Jakub, who brought her to a temple and then to the Red Dragon Inn, where she lived until Eskaron's death. It seems she knew beforehand that Grenton had been freed when Jakub came looking for her, and insisted on returning there with him, now much better able to handle her fears. She is the daughter of Jeline and a now-dead adventurer. Z'kar's dossier says about her "Rebellious. Keep in view. Addendum: Fled after Execution of Meras. Dangerous."

Jakub: A merchant who rescued Sina and aided the adventurers on the first leg of their journey, lending some horses and his cart. He wears fine clothes and has stables in Allimon. He feels that the respect for merchants has suffered in recent times, and would like to help to improve it.

Eskaron: A were-monitor lizard human sorcerer. In his human form, he is large and has purely-black eyes. Eskaron was born as Eron, son of Meras. Due to a prophecy of a witch that claimed that Eron would bring doom to their home village, Meras was forced to abandon Eron into the wilderness. Through unknown means (the kobold leaders claim that the World Scale took pity on the child), Eron contracted his unusual strain of lycanthropy, which also awakened his sorcerous abilities. It was stated that Eskaron recalls the events of his childhood, which made him hateful. The kobold leaders of a nearby clan, seeing him as a "Cleansed One", took him in, taught him, and he eventually took up the leadership position (presenting him to the other kobolds as a dragon) as a Crusader. Eskaron has a sister, with whom he still had contact, who killed the witch making the prophecy, and who seems to have contact with a powerful organization. Eskaron was beheaded by Farid after being knocked unconcious in battle.

Meras: A villager in Grenton, who was killed by Eskaron for suggesting that the latter was not a real dragon repeatedly. He originally lived in another village until he lost his son due to superstitions of others. The group later learns that Meras was in fact Eskaron's father. Z'kar's dossier says about him "Dangerous, and rebellious. Eskaron's order of no execution holds for now. Addendum: Executed by Eskaron."

Z'zess: A kobold leading a small troop searching for Sina. He was captured by the adventurers and held in Allimon along with the survivors of his troop until he was released by Farid, Katherine, Opale, and Quarion. He and his troop protested against Eskaron's occupation of the human villages, out of fear it would bring unwanted attention, and seems to have been one of the few to talk to the Grentoners. One of Z'kar's dossiers identified him as Indifferent with Integrator leanings.

Jeline: Sina's mother and a villager of Grenton. When first met, she seemed more healthy than the other villagers of Grenton, but yet more tired and broken. After Grenton was saved from being burned down, she took up a spokesperson position of a group grateful to the adventurers and who wanted to stay in Grenton. She wanted to join the adventurers in their final battle against Eskaron, but the other villagers persuaded her to stay. Her lover, and Sina's father, was a retired adventurer who was killed by worgs during a travel. She may have learned some things from him. Z'kar's dossier says about her "Dangerous - may inspire rebellion. Learned much from late lover. Addendum: Upset by the flight of daughter. Infinite torture ordered to keep broken."

Z'kar: A kobold cleric of an unnamed deity and the de-facto leader of Grenton under Eskaron's rule. A fanatical Crusader who prepared the burning of Grenton in case the kobolds were defeated. He kept short dossiers of the villagers and the kobolds under his command. He was killed by the adventurers.

Joran: A villager in Grenton. After Grenton was saved from being burned down, he took up a spokesperson position of a group that wanted to leave Grenton, seeing it as doomed anyway, to be free from Eskaron and the kobolds. He later relented, provided the group with some silver, and wanted to join the adventurers in their final battle against Eskaron. The other villagers persuaded him to stay, however. Z'kar's says about him "Dangerous - might try to lead other townsfolk away during night."

Old Marl: An old villager of Grenton. At the time the adventurers visited, he was one of the few willing to give room to visitors. He appears to need some herbs for some reason.

Nerlos: A villager of Grenton who was in charge of the northern watchtower. He resumed this duty even after Grenton was freed.

Ancient Priest of the World Scale: An old kobold druid who remained in the shrine beneath Grenton to honor it with his death. He belonged to the Integrators, and was a mentor to Eskaron before the latter took up the mantle of the Crusaders. While the ancient priest retained some measure of power, he and the Integrators did not have the means to act against Eskaron, and thus remained loyal. When the adventurers found him, he told them a phrase that should keep Integrators out of the fight, and, with his dying breath, tried to tell them Eskaron's secret.

Alina: One of the villagers who joined the adventurers in the final battle against Eskaron. She often wound up next to Planus in battle, and has jokingly suggested that the priest radiates an aura of misfortune.

Druid Exile: A kobold druid and Integrator, worried about an apparent worg infestation in the forests. He joined the adventurers against Eskaron, though he implied that he didn't consider attacking his own clan very kobold-like and that he would become an exile for that. He cut off Eskaron's escape route with the help of summoned creatures.

Organization Information
Eskaron's Clan: Eskaron's Clan was a kobold clan living beneath the forests west of Lathirn, led by Eskaron, a sorcerous were-lizard. Under the leadership of the supposed dragon, it conquered and controlled four villages, among them Grenton, and was looking to expand further. The clan took many valuables from the villages and confiscated much of their produce, allowing semi-regular trade with Lathirn, the only city the kobolds could hope to trade with in the vicincy for other needed goods. These ambitions were cut short when Eskaron was slain by adventurers - the kobolds withdrew from the occupied villages and paid some reparations out of Eskaron's treasury. Who took up leadership of the clan after the death of the lycanthrope is unknown, but presumably an Integrator.
Under the influence of the Crusaders and Eskaron, and the realities of kobold life, the kobolds of Eskaron's clan had little love for the non-reptilian races, with lawless and uncivilized being the more harmless insults that even an Integrator might use, vermin and abomination being popular among the Crusaders.
Crusaders, Integrators, and Indifferent: Factions within Eskaron's Clan, and probably within some other kobold clans as well. Crusaders and Integrators strongly believe in the legends of the Ur-Dragon and the En-Father, but while the Crusaders seek to rid the world of the soft-skinned races, with a fanaticism rarely attributed to the supposedly cowardly kobolds, the Integrators wish to integrate kobolds into the world's society peacefully, living among the other races. Indifferent is the name of both those groups for kobolds who either do not care, or worse, do not know about the mythological origins they attribute to the world. The Indifferent greatly outnumber both the Crusaders and the Integrators (a fact both groups bemoan), and Eskaron hindered the Integrators greatly, increasing the number of Crusaders.
Among most of the smaller kobold clans and tribes, and possibly even some the larger ones, these groupings may be nonexistant or secretive. The Integrators of Eskaron's Clan had a phrase that, among other things, signalled each other that they are not to interfere with those fighting against Eskaron if said by these warriors. It was "Integration shall be the goal!"

Loose Ends/Unresolved Issues
How exactly did Eskaron contract were-monitor lycantropy?
Has the worg threat successfully been dealt with by Grenton and the Integrators?
What of Eskaron's sister? Will she try to exact revenge on his killers or the village?

Kobold Faiths: A number of kobold clans, and especially kobold druids, believe that Enworld is in reality a scale, now known as the World Scale, of an entity known as the Ur-Dragon, ripped out by a traitor known as the En-Father. The scaled races lived on the body of the Ur-Dragon as its children, though few of them remember the treachery. The soft-skinned races are children of the treacherous En-Father. The nature of the treachery was not revealed in the adventure, but certainly involves the presence of the soft-skinned races.

This game was a victim of the Big Crash,but was reconstructed from Google cache.
Due to a transcription error from 'Beneath Grenton,' subsequent adventures have moved Grenton between Orussus and Allimon, potentially invalidating some information in this summary.