Level Up (A5E) So much seems wrong with Press The Attack and Fall Back


In this case, the judgment is based on things that are "inherent to the mechanic." Press The Attack has a built in "counter" in Fall Back that requires a reaction, and imposes disadvantage. That requires judgment, as to whether Fall Back is worth the cost. The judgment is a "meta game" judgment, not one that resembles an in-game tactical decision. A lot of things in D&D already blur the line between meta-game tactics and in-character tactics, but abilities with built in counters based on Reactions go beyond that into the realm of pure "mechanics-tactics" rather than "in game tactics" by definition.
I must not understand what you mean by meta-game tactics.

This all seems to just be a technical aspect of play, leaning into the mechanics or 'tactical' pillar of combat?

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player-facing changes to core mechanics which were poorly thought out.
Dude, that's not just wrong (they had an enormous amount of playtesting), it's rude.

Again, I'd like to encourage you to be less declarative - especially about things you haven't even tried at the table yet. As the AG book itself suggests, try 'I' statements; You could also acknowledge that when you say "unlikely to serve a purpose in actual play", you mean at "my table".

Or just give it a rest.

Level Up!

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