D&D 5E Solasta 5e Character Sheets (Tabletop) for Gen Con


Hey there guys. Since Solasta is based on D&D 5e (OGL), me and the rest of the Tactical Adventures crew have been working hard on making our own Character Sheets for Gen Con, so I thought about sharing them here. We merged elements of our UI into the visual design, moved a few things around and added a way to track Expertise or half-proficiency (damn bards).

View attachment Solasta SRD 5e Character Sheets.pngYou can download the PDF here: https://www.solasta-game.com/solasta-crown-of-the-magister-media/download (feel free to use them). I'm looking for feedback so please don't hesitate to tell me, we still have some time before Gen Con to improve them.

If you're curious about the game we're making, it's a Tactical RPG on PC named Solasta: Crown of the Magister (based on D&D OGL 5e) which Morrus covered here, or you can also check out our website there: https://www.solasta-game.com/ (or you can just ask here and I'll do my best to answer).

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