Soldiers Wanted!!!



*You notice a help wanted sign posted on the side of a building. It reads:*

The land of Sethmore has been forced into a war that we can not fight alone. The army of the Kelder clan has attacked our beautiful land, and they outnumber our people five million to two hundred. To all mercineries, we will pay nine hundred gold to each of you for every day that you fight by our sides. Every man counts, and we can not take these savages much longer.
For more information, please speak with Colonal Bret Thomas (bret_thomas_). He will be the commanding officer of all that join us, as well as the one that you will recieve your money from. Please, hear our cry for help and lend us the aid of your swords.
Thank you...

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First Post
*Steps up to the boards and laughs, posting his reply.*

You are insane! What would a couple of mercenaries do agaisnt an army of five million? With only two hundred soldiers of your own backing us up? Give up, leave your lands, or foolishly think you have a chance and commit certain suicide.




steps up to the post and looks at the two notes then places his own

a few can turn the tide of wars it has happened many times before.

My claws, my magic and my fire are at your command.


First Post
Reads the lend us the aid of your swords part again and strokes chin

And what about the deadly boomerang? My skill is the boomerang, so I must say that you shall not win without a RWTG, or Ranged Weapons and Tactics Group, that we can provide you with. I'd be tempted with a little more gold, I mean 900 cannot buy me a masterwork keen superior boomerang, can it? I say nay!

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