[Solitary Play] Dragonbane • The Quest for the Lost Tomb

The Soloist


Day One Morning
On his way to the Fallen Oak Inn, Rolberk (fighter) is attacked by two skeletons. He survives using his double-slash ability.

At the Inn, he meets with Vordhan, the wizard (elementalist). The old man is preparing a group for a trek to the possible location of a historical figure's lost tomb. As they are discussing two skeletons enter the inn and attack. The only other patron is Eldina, a halfling (thief). The trio fight for their lives. Vordhan cast two fireballs. The skeleton evades the first, but the second hit. Rolberk, using his broadsword almost killed a skeleton. Vordhan moves and kills it with his staff. Eldina, after dodging an attack, was able to kill the second skeleton. The halfling's combat proficiency impressed Rolberk, who had moved to help her.

Day One Afternoon
Vordhan and Rolberk want to find out where the skeletons are coming from. Eldina wants to accompany them. They accept her offer. Rolberk (hunting) easily follows the skeleton’s tracks to a cemetery. As they explore the area the heroes are surrounded by four skeletons who burst out of their coffins. The fight lasted four rounds. The group takes a stretch rest (15 minutes) to heal (skill) each other. Eldina and Vordhan now only have minor damage. The adventurers resume their exploration of the area. Eldina notices (spot hidden) that the lock of one crypt has been tampered with. She unlocks (sleight of hands) the door. The party enters and goes down 20 feet of stairs.

The large crypt contains eight coffins from which two skeletons emerge. In the center, a champion skeleton, wearing a gold necklace with a green gem, brandishes a long sword. The fight lasted three rounds. The champion mauled Rolberk. Eldina gave the killing blow to the champion with a backstab. Vordhan (Myth & Legends skill) senses necrotic energy emanating from the green gem. It’s probably an amulet from the Undead King era. The item must be destroyed. Robert grabs the broken stone cover of a coffin and crushes the gem. It takes a stretch to grind the precious stone. Rolberk is Exhausted. He takes the champion’s longsword. Eldina searches the crypt and the coffins. She finds jewelry worth 50, 50 and 100 gold.

Day One Evening
The party is returning (bushcraft, not lost) to the Fallen Oak Inn. They stop to make camp for the night (bushcraft). Rolberk finds a slightly elevated mound with good tree coverage. Rolberk takes a shift to hunt. He kills a fox which provides 3 rations. There is a mishap. Vordhan sprains an ankle while walking in the woods. The night is quiet. Everyone (bushcraft rolls) heals all Hit Points and regains all Willpower Points. Rolberk is no longer Exhausted.

Day Two Morning
The party eats rations quickly and then continues their trek toward the inn. No random encounter. They arrive at the inn safely a few hours later.

Advancement Skill Rolls: Eldina’s Spot Hidden is raised by +1 at 13. Vordhan’s Healing is raised by +1 to 15. Rolberk’s is raised by +1 to 13.

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