D&D 5E Somehow Vecna returned....


Reeks of Jedi
If it's one thing you want to associate your product with, it's definitely Rise of Skywalker.

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It works in D&D, because D&D has always been ridiculous.

The mistake was that some people think Star Wars is deadly serious business.
i think it's more that many people don't care about the continuity of DND adventures, whereas many people do care about the continuity of star wars.

which makes sense - it's incredibly easy to ignore whatever's supposed to be canon in TTRPGs because you can just make up whatever you want regardless and that'll be your experience of the game. that doesn't really carry over to a property defined by its canon and produced by a set company, like...well, like a lot of media franchises really, but specifically star wars in this case.

that said, it wouldn't surprise me if the inherently gonzo nature of DND didn't contribute either. i just don't think it's the biggest factor.

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