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I noticed here that the Circle of Eight from Oerth have , specialty priests, anybody have any info on this? Also that the Lady of Pain from Sigil has specialty priests too, but i thought that she did not allow to be worshiped.


Greyhawk/DM Circle of Eight Magic, Heroics x2 Int +9 G No 4) Limited Wish 1/d; 9) Cast a Hero Spell 1/d; 16) Avoid Fate 1/d
DM, Sigil Lady of Pain Sigil, Dread, Blades x9 Str +9 L any Yes L1: 1M: Dimension Door; L4: 1M: Find the Path; L9: Immune Insanity, Hold M actions

thank you

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the Jester

Looks homebrewed to me. I wouldn't allow priests of a group of eight mortals, nor would I allow a priest of the LoP, but YMMV; different dms have different styles and approaches to clerics/the gods.


Yep, the Circle of Eight are the wizards Mordenkainen & Co., so no priests, I would imagine.

As I recall, the Lady of Pain rebukes attempts at worshipping her as she does not want gods in Sigil - gods are forbidden from entering and influencing the population, and letting others worship her would go against this.

Sound of Azure

Contemplative Soul
Yeah, worshipping the Lady of Pain's a pretty quick way to get mazed. As for the Circle of Eight, as they are mortal wizards- that doesn't really compute in my book. If I'm remembering correctly, maybe their avowed true neutral stance could be a (tenuous) avenue of worship- the "cleric as philosopher" route, if you will.


you could always throw Boccob or Zagyg in as your deities ... I would think the Circle of Eight might have some dealings with both religions.


I'm pretty sure if anyone actually called themselves a priest of the Lady of Pain, that person would immediately be on the desks of all the factols, in 15 pieces (which don't quite add up to a whole body), each piece with its skin on inside out, still alive and sentient, but unable to speak or move, and would thereafter suffer a painful death over the next 10,000 years, while the head is suspended in the middle of the ring, constantly being penetrated by thousands of knives. And the people would look down, and try to ignore the constant screaming that is always directly over your head no matter where you are in the city.

In my campaign, at least. :devil:

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