D&D 5E Planescape 5e - everything we know & some speculation

It's brand new lore from that book.

I wonder if someone saw this picture in the original PS boxed set and drew inspiration from it.
If I had to guess, they probably wanted to tap into real-world mythology a bit - give minotaurs a rumored connection to some kind of ancient maze/labyrinth without necessarily tying their origins to any specific setting or weighing them down with the implicit baggage of tying them directly to Baphomet.

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I wonder if we could see a playtesting about future species and subclasses before the releasing.

The khaasta are planar raiders, but maybe now they don't talk about certain criminal actions. And now reptilians aren't "popular" among the fans of aliens conspirancies.


Ratatossk could become a new PC specie. I doubt Hasbro didn't want to sell toys of these.



What about the reave? Those mercenaries with four arms

The reaves are too powerful to be a PC specie, but some spellcasters could a nerfect clone version. Maybe they are hired as mercenaries to stop an "isekai" invasion because their fading traits gives an effect like a time-limited immunity against ballistic damage by firearms.


The "vortex of Madness" could become a "mini-setting". It is too bizarre even for the standars of Limbo, but also the perfect place for intercompany crossovers. The Machine of Baron Lum the Mad could create a plot and a mindscape mixture of Matrix and "the Evil Within".

The demiplane of Invention/Leone could be "displaced" to Mechanus, a new regions be added later, creating a "cluster".

The "city of Glass" could be "cloned", in the sense there is one in the water plane, other in the fire, earth and air, like a mirage in different mirrors. It would work like an elemental version of Sigil. Maybe the PCs discover new portals to variants of the city of Glass, with magitek, and skyscrapper buildings, but also post-apocalypse by fault of zombie-like constructs.

* What about Dungeonland? and the shattered world.

Urunaland could be perfect if you want a D&D city-building videogame.

* What if the "mazes" are demiplanes created by the Lady of Pain, and later there "landed" in the infinite Staircase for the Sundering?

* Or the PCs are exploring the plane, and then the discover the Dungeonland+Land beyond the Magic Mirror. This could become a new setting style Ravenloft or Witchlight, where PCs explore "domains" based in famous franchises, for example a wicked version of classic fairy tales, or famous novels currently in public domain, for example stories by Julie Verne or Emilio Salgari.

We have them for 5E already.

It would be really nice if WoTC or A5e officially had them. ;) Especially if they were like the fella in this God of War clip.

We shouldn't forget the maugs (Fiend Folio 3rd Ed) and the ethergaunts.


Maybe some maugs were catched by "enemies" and investigated for reverse engineering, creating a nerferd version of this. In the beginning these are weaker while they are "rookies" but later with enough experience in combat they are so hard as originals.

And you can see the ratatoks appeared in 2nd Ed, before Kobold Press or God of War.

I wonder if we could see a merger of two market demiplanes, Union (3.5 Epic levels) and Haven(Dragon Magazine), both created by arcanes to trade.

We know Aoskar, god of portals, tried to control Sigil and he was terminated by the Lady of Pain. But what if he wasn't enoughly dead? Maybe, or at least that is the theory, he is a vestige, doing pacts with warlocks.

Or let's imagine in the past pieces of Sigil were shattered and almost lost into the Astral Sea, but for the Spellplague those shards are collected and mergerd together to create a new Sigil.

* What about the demiplane of the machines, ruled by the sheens(biomechanicl horrors)? The sheens could be perfect as antagonists in a D&D-Transformers crossover.

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