D&D 5E Spelljammer/Planescape mashup

So yeah.
5e Spelljammer is a letdown. It's a "C" product, which is most hurt by its price point structure. I have a lot of affection for the setting going back to 2e, but this just failed to give me needed systems. I would be better served going on Drivethru and selectively picking up 2e materials and converting. A real wasted opportunity.
I am being warry but hopeful with whats been revealed about 5e Planescape. I need a lot less crunch to run such a campaign, so really what I want is a clean presentation of the setting so I don't have to go and rebuy a bunch of 2e material just for that purpose.
I actually really like the cosmology changes to Spelljammer. Having ships traveling through layers of the Astral instead of Wildspace/Philigston is better for me personally. What's more, it means its only a few steps to combine Spelljammer with Planescape in terms of cosmology. Hell, BG3 features a Illithid Spelljamming craft shifting through dimensions in the opening sequence.

So who else is thinking of doing a mashup campaign?

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It is a great idea - that I had and implemented back in the 1990s when Planescape was first released. I didn't like where they located it, so I moved it to the Astral - and I already had Spelljamming taking place primarily in the Astral. Overall, my entire cosmology is a simplified version with 1 Elemental Plane (with large pockets of Elements), one Heaven (with 7 regions), one Hell (with 9 regions controlled by Asmodeus and a seemingless endless supply of Demon ones surrounging them), and a plethora of other elements. I also have Spelljammers travel through space between planets in my setting (with Spelljammers essentially being able to accelerate to an unlimited speed (increasing their speed by 10% each hour after an 'initial acceleration'- but taking just as long to decelerate).

My Sigil is constructed around Permanent Gates dragged together in the Astral. The city is built around these gates, and the entire thing is surrounded by Spelljamming Docks. More gates are dragged to it all the time, and the docks continue to have to be rebuilt as they are absorbed into the city as it expands. There are a lot of the same factions, but I've evolved them a bit to make them a bit more political and a little less fantastical.


I'm using a compressed space Wildspace as a near/border Astral, but I've dumped the phologiston for the Astral Sea. Wildspace is essentially a campaign world's shallows. As far as distances, I cut them down dramatically for Wildspace, into the ships travelling in the likes of a thousand miles an hour - still damn fast for a fantasy space galleon. For fantasy space, keeping planetary distances in the millions of miles is just silly anyways and I can just say that something like a campaign's moon is still just a day or two out, and the edge of the system is still around 15-20 days out.

I also agree that BG3's mind flayer nautaloid was impressive, and I like how it was handled in that game's cutscene. Though I'd keep the plane jumping ability as a distinct ability different from scooting around via a Spelljamming helm.

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