ZEITGEIST *Spoilers* Lycanthropes


Since they aren't inherently evil (other than bears, those godless killing machines), any reason players would not become weretigers when given the chance?

Seems the downside is losing control of your character for a few nights a month, but what do afflicted lycanthropes do during that time that doesn't qualify them as evil? Just run around in the wild and eat enough animals to sate their hunger?

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I'd probably treat the ability to transform as a sort of Prestige class. The weretigers spend years learning to control when to take the form of a beast. A PC who somehow got the blessing of their god would not suddenly get full weretiger abilities.

I know one GM let a player who joined the game late make a low level PC who soon got weretiger powers to put her on par with the rest of the party.

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