Stalker0's New Skill Challenge System (Version 1.0)


Stalker0 said:
Its wonderful to hear your players had a good time using my system, that's the best kind of praise I could receive.

I hope they enjoy 1.6 as much as 1.0, actually, I hope moreso:)

Where is 1.6?

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First of all, thanks to Stalker0 for the great system.

One quick question: what would be the consequence of counting a critical success as a "double success" instead of banking a skillful recovery?


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I like the concept of critical successes and the skillful recoveries. I agree there needs to be mechanics to keep the players involved. Have you thought about how to include the use of action points and/or healing surges into the system? Those are resources that the players control that renew and seem to lend themselves to encounters.

A suggestion for critical successes, instead of a natural 20 or +10, try +5 over the states DC. Another simple option is to allow skillful recovery as an option all the time but it adds another failure on a miss. Or a failed recovery imposes a -2 penalty on the next check.

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