D&D General Stan!, Steve Winter and Jeff Grubb discuss 50 years of D&D in a cartoon celebration.


I crit!
Stan! Has been working in the RPG industry and with TSR and WotC on and off for a while. He’s authored one of the best selling RPGs ever, the Polemon RPG and is a talented artist. In his own words about the podcast and its first episode below. Please note this first episode is today, Wednesday 1/24/2024.

Hey, folks ... quick announcement! Tomorrow (Wed. 1/24) is going to be the premiere of a NEW livestream show I'm launching to celebrate this year being the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons! The show is going to be called "50 Years in the Dungeon: A Cartoon Celebration of Half a Century of D&D" ... and it's going to feature a mix of interviews and live drawing as I create homages to classic D&D art.

My guests for the first episode will be Jeff Grubb and Steven Winter—two guys who've been in the gaming biz even longer than I have. The show will stream on Wednesday nights at 6pm Pacific ... and I hope you can join us (link in comments below).

Here's where you can find Episode 1: https://youtube.com/live/krqXScf6A8M

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Von Corellon

Just watched the latest with Matt Forbeck and, if you’re a fan of the history, there’s a lot to enjoy — plus Stan! is quite the artist and he recreates DnD illustrations while the anecdotes roll 🎲

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