Star Wars - Better Days. [Started up!]


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Talon Karrde's ships always had funny double meanings or would sound like something other than the words themselves when said aloud.

Examples: The Wilde Karrde or the Starry Ice.

Other ships emulated the Millenium Falcon with the Adjective-Bird convention, such as KOTOR's Ebon Hawk

Past that, early star destroyers were given names of power, such as Executer, Judicator, Imperator, or Judgement. Late-era destroyers took names of Republic or Imperial Heroes. You might have a Tagge or a Moff Tarkin, or even, in the Legacy comics, I think there is reference to a Palleon.

Otehrwise, most naming conventions tend toward seriousness, made-up space words, animal (primarily bird) descriptions, or word-play. There are few ships with flat-out funny or silly names.

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As an outsider suggestion, name your ship "The Joss Magnet" -- because joss is an old word for "luck", and, well, the other obvious reason. ;)


yeah, but this campaign is seeming to me like more of a cross between firefly and star wars than straight star wars.

As for names, so far here's the ones I've seen that stand out (At least to me)

Even Odds
Last Chance
Also, one of my own (Though admitedly this would make for a better motto than ship name) : "Flight makes Right"

*Couldn't find Ambrus' suggestions, repost?*

*EDIT: Hmm, I had an idea for an Alderanian ship after the destruction of alderann, but our ship's corellian... "Rememberance"


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Just because the ship is of corellian make doesn't mean it isn't of Alderaanian spirit:

I vot e Rememberance.

That also give more glue as to why the Captain (if he's from Alderaan) keeps the Doc and his sister aboard: they too are from Alderaan.


Jemal said:
*Couldn't find Ambrus' suggestions, repost?*
Post #12 on the first page:

Hellion: A rowdy or mischevious person, especially a child.
Motley: Incongruously varied in appearance or character.
Namaste: A traditional Indian greeting made by bringing the palms together and bowing.
Perihelion: The point in an object's orbit when it is closet to its star.
Contumax: An archaic word meaning "stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority".
Salience: Something most noticeable or important.
Penumbra: The shadow cast by a celestial object during an eclipse.

I don't know if you're aiming for a compound name like the Millenium Falcon or not. But if so it wouldn't be hard to use one of the above; the Hellion Brig (with a comical double-meaning) or the Salient Star for instance.


Jemal said:
Or should I resort to my bozo crew.. ER I mean my supportive, reliable, ever-so-resourceful crew.

I'd seriously go for Noble instead of Scoundrel. Noble has a good number of good 'leadership' talents and a lot of skills.

I'd go for Noble 8/Soldier 3, with the following talents:

Noble: Connections (Makes sense in character and potentially can be very useful) Inspire confidence and Born leader (good bonuses to attack) and perhaps Inspire haste, which could be useful for starship combat: many tasks in starship combat are skill checks, allowing an engineer or similar to do several things at once.
Soldier: Battle analysis, Cover fire (raises the group's Reflex save)


well.. I could call my character Paul Crue and we could name it the Motley Crue..
*drum smash*

EDIT: Also, re: the Noble thing.. I suppose that's true, but I was thinking of that captain who's a leader but also knows enough to pinch hit in every section of his ship.. You know, the jack of all trades captain? mechanic, pilot, fighter, criminal.


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Okay, I'm still fiddling around with names, couple here that I like, I'll probably have decided by tomorrow. Sort of a crappy day for me, but we'll see what I can get done.

First and foremost you'll notice the two crappy msn paint drawings. The ship isn't quite so angular, but I can't draw curves, so =P

The ship isn't huge, it isn't small, Basically think along the lines of the millenium falcon or the ebon hawk with a bit more crew space.

Despite the picture it carries only one turret, on the ground level. Haven't decided the gun. It also has two small forward firing guns that can be shot by pilot or co-pilot.

The cargo area is all of the bottom left side, with stairs and ladders that lead up to the second floor. It isn't shown but the front of the left side opens up to recieve large cargo.

The crew bunks are accessed from the first floor, but actually take up all of the second floor forward section. Crew have big rooms =)

The rest is self explanitory.

Now then.

[sblock=ambrus]Alright, as far as your droid goes, You have no real programming restrictions to speak of. Having talked to Jemal I think what will be done with your character is that he will be a companion from the clone wars. Specifically a separatist engineering droid that got shot all to peices. He was repared by the captain's squad, and reprogrammed to assist them in getting a ship off the ground. Since the clone wars ended briefly after that battle, Your droid just sort of became a fixture around the captain. You've had 19ish years to develop a personality =)

As for funds... I'm still trying to absorb the book, So I'll ask you in trust, what do you think would be a fair amount that would allow you to build the character you want without bein too broken =)[/sblock]

For any other questions, I'll be around for the next little bit hopefully.


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