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Star Wars Plot?

My players keep out, I guess. Beware that I have no trouble distorting old or new EU to carve out new opportunities for stories.

1. Exile Sith Civil War
Now that the last Sith Lord following the Rule of Two are dead, a group of Exiled Siths whose ancestors escaped Darth Bane's machinations are planning their return from the Unknown Regions. Of course, they immediately have a falling out, since not everyone thinks it is a wise idea to return. They stayed in Exile because they feared people like Bane, Plaegius or Siddious, and now they want to face the Jedi that managed to take them out?
A struggle results, the "returners" won. But a survivor of the other side is plotting his revenge, and he is building alliances to prepare to counter the others - but he can't allow herself to work with the Jedi. The characters will be part of that alliance, and they might slowly figure out what it is really about, while they have to navigate between Empire, Republic, Sith and Jedi to find their own path - or eventually have to take a side.

2. Legacy of the Rakata
Why did the Rakata lose their connection to the force? How could someone gain access to the force like they did? In this "alternate timeline" the Rakata lost their power because it was based on their homeworld, and one of their enemies made it uninhabitable. The planets actual location is lost to time, now, but it might still hold secrets for creating a connectin to the force. Someone once found the world again, a long time ago. This mysterious Revan might have left behind a map that her followers - possibly unaware of its true significance - have scattered across the galaxy. If just enough pieces could be found, one might return to the world and unlock its secrets. Revanites, Sith Exiles, new Jedi, Witches and what not might be after it - and even some (Droids, non-Force-Sensitives?) that have no connection to the force yet, but hope that they might be able to gain one on this world, or to find a way to sever the connection to the force entirely.

3. Revenge of the Forgotten
A long time ago, the Republic Senate abandoned a bunch of colonies because it was more convenient then helping them against a plague that spread across these worlds. The colonies were presumed dead and were forgotten. But they survived, and now plot their revenge. With tensions between the Remannt Empire and the New Republic rising under the leadership of Grand Admiral Thrawn, these colonies now believe the time is ready for them to strike - weakened and distracted by their conflict, they won't see what's coming. They might use dirty tricks - like a new plague outbreak, false flag operations and so on - to accomplish their goals. They might have their own force sensitive groups or combat droids.

4. Freedom from the Force
A new group emerges after the end of the Civil War and the restoration of the Republic that opposes all Force Users. Claiming that the conflict between Force-Sensitives, particularly Jedi and Sith, has caused too much struggle and suffering in the Galaxy, they want to forbid the use of the force, and even wish to find ways to actively severe the connection to the force.
Some dark side force users might try to undermine the organization from within.

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If my memory doesn't fail the time travel is canon in the franchise because in an episode of "Star Wars Rebels" there is a mystical plane, "World between worlds" whose gate is in a jedi temple from planet Lothal.

In the RPG you can allow the multiverse/parallel universes to be almost canon. Can you imagine the possibilities to create new stories? A total reboot. You could tell a story about a new illegal drug who make people being possessed by souls of their "twins" from a parallel universe, or where Mace Windu killed Palpatine and Quin-Jon-Jin survived fight with Darth Maul, and in different planets there are "clones" of Anakin Skywalker.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
You could substitute a "Q-ship" for the Imperial Strike Cruiser. Looks like a freighter to the naked eye, has a bunch of hatches that can pop open and dump a squadron of fighters, also disguised weapon mounts, also a bigger engine. The original design was intended at accompany important freighters (or convoys) and counter-attack pirates who got too ambitious or broke their under-the-table agreements for the Empire to turn a blind eye to them.

Pre-Clone Wars: a given Jedi is convinced the Sith are lurking out there somewhere. The Jedi Council thinks he is kidding himself / borderline paranoid. The PCs begin as friends / Paduwans of this Jedi and eventually realize the encounters with "self-trained" Force-users they have been dealing / fighting with are actually a string of failed Sith apprentices.

Alternate Universe: No Yuuzhon Vong or other Galaxy-Shaking Events. Luke manages to create a successful Jedi Academy. In the next generation, the New Republic is trying to pacify and reunite the former Imperial borderlands and farthest reaches. The PCs are at the end of a long supply + communications line, occasionally receiving orders or supplies but mostly on their own to uphold the Jedi Code, bring peace and order to the Galaxy.

Merchant / Smuggler campaign: In a low-Force campaign, work in the border zone between legitimate economic activity and the Underworld. Depending on era, the Underworld might be expanding or contracting (or quietly allied to the Empire). The theoretical goal is to create a successful business of some sort, which is not a front or puppet of any other group.

Early Empire / Rebels: find the fallen Jedi's old stuff and squirrel it away against future need, or collect it somewhere for a few people to study and learn what they can. Steal what you can from the Jedi Temple or similar Empire-locked-the-doors places.


Probably going with Imperial Pirates campaign. Might steal some of the ideas here and incorporate it into the game so feel free to make suggestions.

Strike Cruiser or "Q" ship. Ikinda like the strike cruiser as it can carry 1-2 squadrons of fighters so I can stat out a squadron and have the PCs join it so. A "Q" ship would be harder to put in TIEs due to size of hanger required. Some sort of bulk freighter but they are not really big enough although I could use Starships of the Galaxy to mod one I suppose.

A Strike Cruiser would be roughly equivalent to a WW2 pocket battleships like Graf Spee. A bit fragile but packing a punch.

The captain will be a "good" Imperial who lost a family member that was killed on the Death Star.

I want the Captain roughly based on this guy but maybe in a more militaristic ship like an actual ship.


A tactical genius as well, but not like Thrawn who was tactical and strategic.

The idea is kind of mixing the Graf Spee and this ship, von Luckners boat.


If I set it in the Legends universe he can eventually join one of the other Imperial factions or work for the Pentastar Alignment, Imperial Remnant etc. In the new canon I might set it after peace has been signed with the New Republic post Battle of Jakku which would make them war criminals if captured. Eventually they make their way to the unknown regions or get blasted to bits.

Ideas so far.

Early missions are recon.
Aquire better TIEs
Deal with some pirates
Find a shadow port (Star Forge Station?)
Get some war material

Might use the Far Orbit adventure as a template just changing some names etc.

Ideas for NPCs/crew would also be welcome. Being an imperial; crew mostly humans but some near humans might be acceptable (Arcanians, Zeltrons, Nagai etc). No Chiss though.

Some thoughts so far.

Captain- tactial genius, not very bloodthirsty though prefers to fight the "good fight".

Hot shot pilot. He/She is an alcoholic though.

Force sensitive navigation officer (untrained),

Some sort of Imperial screwballs. The captain might be in the poo box due to a falling out with higher ups and has been assigned a strike cruiser or whatever as punishment (former Star Destroyer captain).
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Lord of the Hidden Layer
The German commerce raiders from both WW1 and WW2 may be inspirational. SMS Emden, a light cruiser, kept itself going for about 3 months cruising around the Indian Ocean, 1914-1915. Two Japanese battlecruisers and a dozen armored cruisers (French, British, Japanese) were involved in the search. One hunter even wirelessed "Emden, where are you?" when the trail went cold.

Letting the PCs know (via third parties) how much they are bothering the other side can be gratifying.


The German commerce raiders from both WW1 and WW2 may be inspirational. SMS Emden, a light cruiser, kept itself going for about 3 months cruising around the Indian Ocean, 1914-1915. Two Japanese battlecruisers and a dozen armored cruisers (French, British, Japanese) were involved in the search. One hunter even wirelessed "Emden, where are you?" when the trail went cold.

Letting the PCs know (via third parties) how much they are bothering the other side can be gratifying.

Yeah the Far Orbit adventure has things to let the PCs know how annoyed the Empire was getting when they jack a Nebulon B.

Gonna set it 6 months after Endore, SWSE a Strike Cruiser can carry 18 craft. I'll only have a few on board, 1st job is to aquire more TIEs (just normal ones), then gve them some easy missions such as find a convoy and use the TIEs to scan locating cargo and intercepting it.

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