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Starfinder Starfinder Downtime Activities

Paizo has revealed some 'downtime' activities you can engage in (some especially while on a starship), straight out of the upcoming Character Operations Manual.


  • Manage Course (reduce journey length)
  • Maintain Readiness (initiative bonus)
  • Lounge (temp hit points and saving throw bonus)
  • Drill (take 10 on tasks)
  • Coordinate (covering and harrying fire bonuses)
  • Build Shelter
  • Carouse
  • Practice Profession
  • Secure Area

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


While playing scum and villainy for the first time I was ultimately impressed with how integral the downtime events were to the story structure.

Basically there’s no way to get new jobs or advance the plot without it. Is that everyone’s experience? Our GM has a multipart story with a mcguffin we needed to learn about, use, then sell. We’d have a scene then retire to the ship—every character had DT actions, and they either helped their training*, advanced the current plot, or brought in new elements.

*training being the only mechanic for DT in systems I’ve played. Sure you can build a castle...or search for a clue...or buy a sword. As required by a GIVEN story, not a requisite of playing the game.

These, would not seem to be plot driving DT activities. I guess this is DMG type material then, looking for more of the bottled lightning of a DT phase that’s absolutely in the PHB sphere. Wonder what the narrative Or mechanic effect of ‘carouse’ is? In the grim future—there is only booze?


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