Starfinder [Starfinder] Population numbers of the core (and extended) races?


So I looked into Starfinder, expecting a default fantasy world with some names altered and technology added.

In some regards SF is exactly that and you have your thief race, your warrior race and so on.
But what strikes me as interesting is that at least according to the lore humans are not the most populous race as their homeworld is gone and they only have one space station and a few offworld colonies, most on a harsh mars like planet.
Other core races seem to be much more numerous while others have a even smaller population and would technically be a very tiny minority and extremely rare.
The most populous humanoid races are not even playable with the core rules despite nothing in their description make them seen out of line with a PC race.

Has any Starfinder product addressed the overall population breakdown of the Pact System (Both PC and other races) and how a cosmopolitan society there would look like? And how do the official adventures handle it? Do they account for some PC races being very rare while NPC races being a lot more numerous or do they place the core races everywhere by default, making them look much more widespread than they should be according to the lore?

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Don't forget ectogenesis (artificial uterus to breed living beings) is possible in Starfinder, even biodroids, robots with living organs, could procreate, and cibrids, robots with a biological brain, but somebody would rather use genetic engineering with their own kindred to live more years, for example rich human businessmen with elf DNA, or even by dragons or giants(now you will not be thinking about a Starfinder version of Ultraman, the Japanese anti-Kaiju superhero, are you?). And now dragonborn are in the open licence. This means a third party could add it to Starfinder. An arcology (super skyscraper building) could be by living tissue and the home of a dryad (because it would be practically a tree so big a city could live within).

Some gods could allow reincarnation as living constructs to work in special places as a form of penance for their sins (a good way of dissuasion for unbeliever criminals) . Some criminal groups could use ectogenesis technology to create an army of clone soldiers, bodies possessed by infernal outsiders (oh my god!, this would be so horrible like mixing borg from Star Trek, dark eldars from Warhammer 40.000 and cenobites from Hellraiser).

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