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Stars Without Number Advice Requested


Stars Without Number General Advice and Discussion

After reading through a few options, I have decided to use SWN for a convention mini-campaign this winter. I have a few months to test and play one shots to get a feel for it, but I thought I would ask the community about some basics first.

My main question is what level do SWN characters get competent? I plan on having the pregens represent skilled, upper mid ranking crew members that are going to have to explore strange new worlds and often fight what they find there. I don't want the PCs to be super-heroic (I'd use 5E if that was the case) but I don't want them to be 1st level fragile either.

The game I am planning is kind of a mix of Star Trek and Mass Effect, to give you an idea.

What general SWN advice do you have. Note: I'm old a grew up on BECMI and AD&D so I am familiar with classic gaming, and have played or run a few OSR games, but not SWN specifically.

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