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ZEITGEIST Start a thrilling investigation on Roll20 with The Dying Skyseer

The second adventure in the critically-acclaimed ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path is now available on Roll20!


A 5e adventure for inquisitive heroes of 4th level

When a murder investigation reveals evidence of a sprawling conspiracy, the party must protect a prophet who predicts a looming doomsday for the city of Flint.​

Summer smog conceals the skies over Flint, and the skyseers, once able to foretell the future in the wheeling heavens, are blind and discredited.

Unnatural tremors shake the city. Protesters brawl with police in the factory district. Fires burn in Flint's heart. An assassin flies on the wind. Foreign ships smuggle in magic arms, ready for a civil war. But the greatest threat is hidden beyond the sight of men.

When a woman is murdered in the Danoran consulate, the party's investigation threatens to unearth a conspiracy, and those in power move to silence all who might reveal them. Only with the guidance of an old dying prophet will the party have a chance to pierce the conspiracy's veil, and save Flint from a coming doom.

In The Dying Skyseer the PCs will:
  • Investigate a politically sensitive murder
  • Disrupt a smuggling operation
  • Track down a terrorist
  • Protect an aging skyseer as he reads the stars from a cursed hill
  • Locate a fugitive
  • Arrest the villain
  • and avert an industrial disaster

The Roll20 version of The Dying Skyseer includes the entire content of the 5e adventure, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:
  • 11 encounter maps with Dynamic Lighting
  • A to-scale map of Flint that lets you reveal locations as they are discovered by the PCs
  • 37 NPCs and monsters linked to Character entries in the Journal, with Roll20 5th Edition OGL character sheets and clickable actions
  • 36 player handouts of art and information
  • Cross-linked handouts place characters, dice rolls, and the 5e Compendium a mere click away
  • Navigation links at the bottom of each handout let you read the adventure like a book from the external journal
The ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path starts with Island at the Axis of the World.

Don't forget to pick up the ZEITGEIST Campaign and Player's Guides. It places the source books at the fingertips of you and your players and gives you extra tools to manage your campaign.

Keep an eye on the Ancris IT publisher page for information about ZEITGEIST and other products including upcoming releases, trailers, and more.
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My group is loving the depth of this investigation. If the party fully explores most of the threads, there is a LOT of content here. Trying to take our time so that the next one is released before we finish Skyseer.


@Tormyr, I hate to be "that guy" (again), but do you have an update on when adventure 3 will be available? Are you still on the every 1-2 month schedule, anticipating a release between now and early April?

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