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5E Starting new campaign.... rolled good stats, help me pick a character!


First Post
We did a pre-session 0 and we rolled stats straight down the line and I rolled well (4d6 drop the lowest) out of the table I was one of the best rolls - but still unsure as to what types of characters to pitch or play.

A few things to note:
1.) Magic will be outlawed in some places (regardless of Arcane or Divine) and unfavorable in some places - and finding arcane spells is going to be a struggle
2.) I am probably playing a human variant
3.) Wouldn't mind doing a caster, I have been kicking around a Hexblade Warlock + Pact of Tome (breaking the mold of Hexblades)
4.) Starting at level 1

Stats as follow:

STR - 13
DEX - 12
CON - 14
INT - 15
WIS - 14
CHA - 14

*EDIT* Added what level we are starting at
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It's a little rough; even though you don't have any really low stats, you're stuck between having low STR and DEX, making it hard to be an effective martial character, and being in a campaign where it will be harder than usual to use magic, making it hard to be an effective caster (especially since your only 15 points toward being a wizard).

Taking a level of Hexblade is certainly going to be helpful here, allowing you to play a martial character that can use CHA as their main attack stat. I'd maybe start as a Paladin (I'd go half-elf to get CHA to 16 and STR to 14), then immediately take one level of Hexblade in order to attack with CHA, then back to Paladin. You won't meet the strength requirement to upgrade your armor past chain mail though, which is a little rough.

Depending on what the DM considers "magic", Moon Druid could also make sense, with wildshape letting you replace your physical stats.

Again, depending on DM interpretation of magic, starting life cleric then going lore bard could be good: you have good stats to be a skill monkey, but you really want something better than light armor with that DEX.


Or, for a vuman skill monkey build, put your +1s in DEX and INT, take Resilient (DEX) as your starting feat, start fighter for armor, longbow proficiency, and archery style then switch to rogue, taking expertise in perception and insight and taking investigation as your bonus skill, then take the inquisitive archetype. Pick up a CHA skill or two from your background, and expertise that and investigation at level 7. Or, if there's likely to be more wilderness than social intrigue, go scout instead of inquisitive.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
I have to admit that I'd be tempted to go base human, pop all of those 14s to 15 (and the 15 to 16) and then as I hit ASIs use nifty half-feats to bring them up to 16s. (Since you mentioned variant human I'm assuming you're using feats.)

Talking out-loud:

Your highest is INT. However, almost all of the others can get up to the +3 modifier range if picking a +2 ability race. not sure how set-in-stone your choice of a variant human is.

With Dex and Str your low, traditional melee won't work that well. You mention Hexblade - with a +2 Chr race like half elf that works nicely.

You should probably stay away from light armor. Medium armor works okay but would work better if your dex was a 14, and you have the strength for some (but not all) heavy armors. Your AC will likely suffer a bit compared to a point-buy (not a bad thing, just a mention from the wonderfully organic method of rolling in order) so I'm not sure I'd suggest a front-liner without other mitigation (hill dwarf cleric in heavy armor, for instance)

You are set for multiclassing (if allowed) except Dex requirements. Paladin/Hexblade might work out well.

If you can use UA, the newest Artificer article has a subclass with Int-to-attack. To hit that weapon-wielder concept.

May also want to play with skill monkey ideas since you have great ability scores to support any skill. A bard who gets Jack-of-All-trades can make you competent at lots of things even if you aren't trained.

I think this array lends itself well to a bard. You have decent scores in a lot of skills and a good charisma. If variant human is your choice maybe go with Inspiring leader and put your stat bump on charisma. Bard is the classic; I can't decide what to play class and you get a lot of versatility. You could also make a good wizard here.


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You aren't rocking a lot of high-low there, it looks very even and MAD. So maybe try to pick something that works with that array, maybe something you don't normally play. One build that often very useful with that array is a dedicated skill monkey build, which I normally build around a full caster, but focus early on spells that don't use my spell DC that much because it sin't great. Lore Bard would be good, and with the 15 INT and Vhum you could go any flavor of Wizard too, although straight Wizard is going to not use that stat array to your best advantage, As mentioned above, Bard would work, and Lore Bard especially will make good use of that stat array.

Magic being outlawed is cool, and while your initial stats might not warrant it, going Sorcerer specifically for subtle spell so you can cast incognito could be a huge boost to your party.

Paul Smart

If allowed go Tortle (+2 Strength +1 wisdom AC of 17). You then have Strength, Intelligence and Wisdom at 15. Then go Druid, shapechange is cool and thematic for Tortles.

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