Level Up (A5E) State of the Archetypes - Feb 1, 2023


It would be better if the chart was explained. Like when we on the site abbreviate books and expect everyone to know what it is. I seem to only figure out other and Zietgeist.

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My excell says 53, and I'm missing spiritualist
Let's see..

Thematic Toolkit line:
5 x 2 archetypes (Arcane Avenger, Cultist, Storyteller, Scrapper, Thunder of War) = 10
3 x 3 archetypes (Venomous Shadow, Judge, Jury, and Executioner, Master of Ceremonies) = 9
Total: 19

MoAR line:
Wilderness: 5
Intrigue: 11
Light & Dark: 11 (and I need to fix a typo on the product page that says 12)
Battlemages: 7
Total: 34

Standalone Releases:
Arcane Sniper: 1
Confidence Mage: 1
Mortalist: 1
Fiery Justice: 2
Field Engineer: 1
Spiritualist: 1
Total: 7

19 + 34 + 7 = 60

Geez, we have been busy!
(And yes, I know, artificer, cleric, sorcerer, and savant all need more love. It's coming!)


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
Also @xiphumor - I have (as far as I know) everything released by everyone for A5E in at least PDF form. I'll see if I can get you some 3PP counts in a bit.


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One other quick note: there's one more first-party archetype you're missing: Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters has a fighter archetype: the Warlord.


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