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D&D 5E Status of D&D translations


Golden Procrastinator
So, recently Asmodee Italia (who holds the license for the Italian translation of 5e) announced that WotC is taking direct control of the Italian version and that Amsodee will assume just the role of distributor.

I wonder if this is related with the suit with Gale Force Nine. Does anyone know if something similar is happening with other foreign versions?

Link (in Italian) to the news.

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In Spain the translation is frozen after the module of the Storm King, that should be published tomorrow, April 16th, but no new about the next titles.


Interesting. I know that here in Denmark a company is working on getting the three core books translated (currently only the Starter Set has been translated); and I have been told that getting the final agreement with GF9 in place has been almost impossible. So yeah something is going on. I really hope they get it sorted out.


French translations also seem on hold for some time... The first translator was much more open and transparent in their communications about upcoming products and such, but since they changed, it’s hard to get any news.

Wizards of the Coast taking direct control of some D&D translations​


My opinion is if the translation of D&D is stopped, even for a relatively short time, then the empty space will be filled by a rival, for example Pathfinder or another retroclone. The Spanish publisher Nosolorol has got its own retroclone, and it is going to translated the Tome of Beast by Kobold Press. Devir has started to publish Pathfinder 2, besides Warhammer Fantasy and the Lord of the Rings.
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