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Hi, I have little problem. This is the situation:

It's 3rd round of combat. Enemy X is trying to hide with move action (and move only 2 sqr). He rolls 20 on Stealth check. Now I compare his result with Passive Perception of each player. The only person who has succed is elf ranger with 21 Passice Perception. Now is time for my question.

Is enemy X hidden from everybody, but not the elf or he just simply failded to hide to everyone? It's little confusing at this moment.

For instance, when all party members try to become hidden, and only one person succeed, enemies are alert, but still player who succeed on Stealth is hidden.

Thx for answers.

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First of all, the enemy has to have superior cover or total concealment from all of its enemies to make a Stealth check against them all, or if it is out of their line of sight. Assuming it's done that, here's the rest.

The enemy is then hidden from each player whose passive Perception isn't high enough, hidden meaning the players can't hear or see it. However, the elf can hear and see it, so he can alert his allies to which square the enemy is in with a free action to talk (unless you have reason to mute him).

This is all well, but the other players still can't hear or see the enemy, they just know its general location. So, when they try to attack it, they choose the square (since it is invisible to them) and make the attack roll with a -5 penalty for the target being invisible. If the elf tries to attack, he takes no penalty since he can see and hear the enemy. On it's next turn, it can try to hide better so that not only does everyone take a penalty to their check, but they aren't sure which square it's in.

Hope this helps!

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