Stormlight RPG Coming from Brandon Sanderson's Novels

There's an official tabletop roleplaying game coming in 2024, based on the Stormlight Archive novels by Brandon Sanderson.


The game will be produced by Brotherwise Games, and was announced this week via a livestream. The livestream was mainly focused on a miniatures line, with the roleplaying game mentioned occasionally. The system hasn't yet been decided.

With the game coming in 2024, the livestream did mention crowdfunding in 2023. Brotherwise Games is known for boardgames such as Unearth, and Call to Adventure, and this will be their first TTRPG.

Brandon Sanderson broke Kickstarter records this year when his Kickstarter campaign for four new novels became the most funded project of all time, raising over $40M.


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5e Freelancer
The world never seemed like one where people go on adventures to me. It is a fairly static feudal society, where all the people who have magical swords / armors are in the army of a noble. If I remember correctly, most people are not even allowed to travel. At least in the books I've read, we don't even get to know the world that much. Apart from a couple of shorter side-stories everything concentrates on the main story which plays in a singe location where not that much happens.

People levelling up is not what makes a world suitable for RPGs for me, but how much they can go on adventures. Let's say Star Wars vs Star Trek. Even though I'm a big Star Trek fan, I never really thought playing a Star Trek RPG makes much sense, or at least that it would be fairly limited in what you can actually play. In Star Wars you can be whatever you want to and there is space for that, because that's how the world was set up. In Star Trek, you are either part of Star Fleet, or don't exist (this might be a bit exaggerated of course).
There's quite a bit of adventuring through the series, like the Rysn interludes, the search for Urithuru, journeying through the Shattered Plains, and the entirety of the Dawnshard novella. And are all RPGs focused on exploration? This could be more focused on large-scale combat between the followers of Odium and the Knights Radiant, or doing smaller missions for Dalinar.

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5e Freelancer
What’s the monsters like in this series?
Roshar (the world of the Stormlight Archive) is regularly ravaged by giant magical storms (called Highstorms) that make living on the planet very difficult. There's no dirt, because it gets lifted up and dumped in the ocean every time the Highstorm comes. And due to how common these very violent storms are, most of the life on the planet are aquatic (the world is kind of like a giant, magical tidepool).

There are whitespines:

Skyeels (but they're more like the world's version of seagulls):

I guess Chull count, but they're normally domesticated and are beasts of burden:

Santhids (but they're extremely rare, normally don't bother people and are considered good luck):

There are Chasmfiends (which are some of the biggest/scariest in the series. There's even a variant that can fly):
There are also Spren, which are kind of like elementals/fey that embody different concepts/emotions (Anticipation, Glory, Honor, Creation, Anger, Death, and so on), but they're more commonly found (and look cooler) in the Cognitive Realm, a mental reflection of the world.


seeing this miniature series based on a book series raise >2M$ with 12K+ backers, I wonder how much money could possibly be generated for Avatar: Legends Miniatures supporting the RPG. Would miniatures typically be a separate license for a product IP like that?

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