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Nonlethal Force

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Story Hour Information:
Title: Bitterness Overcome
Author: Nonlethal Force
Number of Threads: 1

Game Information:
Type: Fantasy (Fiction, not based on tabletop gameplay)
Style: 3rd person narrative prose, limited omniscient view.
System: D&D 3.5 Style, but focused on RP not the rules
Setting: Enigmatica (See link in sig regarding Homeworld Info)

Story Hour Statistics:
Started: May 2006 (Actually earlier, but on account of the crash it's reposted as May)
Status: Completed
Total Length: 176,343 words spread out over 90 posts.
Average Installment Length: 1,981 words.
Available for Download? No - although a compilation may appear eventually.

Overview: This story hour mainly revolves around a set of freedom fighters who continually put their own lives on the line for the freedom of others. In so doing, they expore hard issues such as morality of: killing, amassing wealth while living among the poor, the problems of fame, and even the harsh realities of not being able to change the whole world. This Story Hour is heavily based on RP, although combat occasionally comes fast and furious.

Reader Comment: From Piratecat: "You're a good writer ... I'm enjoying the story"
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Moderator Emeritus
Title: "A Long Hard Rain" (the Story of Autumn of Fallon
Author: el-remmen
Number of Threads: 1

System: D&D 2E
Setting: Aquerra (homebrew)
Started: July 2006
Status: Completed
Average Installment Length: Medium
Available for Download? No.
Style: 3rd person narrative prose, with footnotes for campaign and meta-game info. Very grim n' gritty [adult themes].

Overview: This is a character background I wrote for a priestess character I played in an Aquerra campaign run by my friend Sean (who posts here as Rastfar) back in 2E days. It is the story of a little-loved and oft-abused woman who finds solace and meaning in her growing faith in the goddess of healing.
Reader Comment: ". . .the character detail is marvelous. Autumn is a woman I would hope to meet someday, to sit and talk with, to learn what more she experienced. What better compliment I can give you I know not. Thanks for sharing this amazing character, no matter what she went on to accomplish." - Richard Rawen
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Herder of monkies
Title: We were like gods once…
Author: Ledded
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Modern/Pulp Supers
System: d20 Modern, Blood and Vigilance, and other stuff.
Setting: World War II era Europe

Started: 05 February 2004
Status: Mostly done, on haitus, but hoping to post more sometime soon.
Average Installment Length: Verbose
Average Frequency of Installments: It's been a while

Available for Download? No
Style: 3rd person narrative prose mostly, some 1st person, attempting to follow a comic-book/panel style.

Overview: Ordinary soldiers become Meta-human "unlikely heroes" and use their new-found powers to fight against the German war machine and it's ubermensch, out-gunned and outnumbered, mostly trying to survive more than prevail.

Reader Comment: Naathez said: "...ledded, sir.... this goes beyond brilliant, up into the realm of GRAND... -astonished, speechless, as he applauds silently-"

Special: Thread showing off pics of miniatures we used in this game and others.
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Old Drew Id

First Post
Medallions d20 Modern

Title: Medallions d20 Modern
Author: Old Drew Id
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Modern
System: d20 Modern
Setting: Birmingham, Alabama (Homebrew)

Started: June 17 2003
Status: Ongoing
Average Installment Length: Medium (c.1800 words)
Average Frequency of Installments: Varies wildly.

Available for Download? I think the first episode is...
Style: 3rd person semi-omniscient
Overview: A dark & deadly action-thriller-horror-mystery: somewhere between X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Kolchak the Night Stalker; with bits of Friday the 13th (the series), Dusk 'til Dawn, The Matrix, Big Trouble in Little China, and Men in Black thrown in. Or another way to say it is: like an X-Files episode written by Stephen King and directed by John Woo.

Reader Comment:
"You guys are an inspiration. That's it, no more no less. Pure unadulterated inspiration." - Fenzer
"Niiiiiiice." - jonrog1
" a magic system should work in a modern game." - Caliber


Duncan T
Title: Bastion of the Justicars
Author: detomo
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Fantasy
System: D&D
Setting: Jegev (D&D Homebrew by Core Rules)

Started: 8th Oct 2006
Status: Ongoing
Average Installment Length: Short
Average Frequency of Installments: Several times a week

Available for Download? No
Style: 3rd person, different character each installment
Overview: The PCs are hunted by a group of extra-planar judges. They search for the power to overcome those they flee.
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The Acrimonious Adventurer Association

Title: The Acrimonious Adventurer Association
Author: Hairy Minotaur
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Fantasy/Humour
System: D&D 3.5e
Setting: Wilderlands + some homebrew

Started: 10 October 2006
Status: Ongoing
Average Installment Length: Medium
Average Frequency of Installments: Weekly+

Available for Download? No
Style: 3rd person narrative prose

Overview: Political/religious intrigue mixed with a heavy dose of sarcasm and a dislike of other party members

Reader Comment:

the Jester said:
So far this is a very fun story hour! Thanks! :D


First Post
Title: The Misfits: Ashy's Story Hour
Author: Ashy
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Fantasy
System: D&D 3.5/House-ruled!
Setting: Homebrew

Started: 28 April May 2005
Status: Ongoing
Average Installment Length: Medium
Average Frequency of Installments: As Often As Possible :p

Available for Download? Not at this time
Style: 3rd person narrative prose
Overview: Oddball Adventurers take on the world... :]

Reader Comment:
Ashrum the Black said:
Wonderful! I can't wait to see how this plays out!


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Unattainable Ideal
Barsoom Tales

Title: Barsoom Tales: Swashbuckling Fantasy Gone Very Wrong
Author: Barsoomcore
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Swashbuckling Political Games and Earth-Shattering Horror. And Accountants.
System: D&D 3.5e With Extra Crispy Wings
Setting: Barsoom

Started: Jan 2003
Status: Complete!

Available for Download In Five Parts:

Overview: Our heroes struggle against machinating families, insane goddesses, hungry vampire girls and fearsome accountants in order to, uh, well, it's not entirely clear.

Reader Comment:
ledded said:
Aw man, that sucks.


Unattainable Ideal
Wild Stewardess Action

Title: Wild Stewardess Action!
Author: barsoomcore
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Kung-Fu Horror
System: D&D 3.5e With Deep-Fried Wuxia Action
Setting: Where Hot Chicks Kick Bad Guy Butt

Started: November 2003
Status: Complete (we think)

Available for Download In Four Parts
Overview: High-kicking, high-flying butt-whooping by four Kung Fu Angels who travel the land doing right by the little guy. They ride into town, they sort things out, and they move on, leaving behind broken heads and broken hearts.

Reader Comment:
Len said:
Man, being a stewardess is tougher than I thought.
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Unattainable Ideal
Dead Man's Chest

Title: Dead Man's Chest: Spooky Pirate Fun
Author: barsoomcore
Number of Threads: 1

Type: Cthulhu Pirate Adventure
System: d20 Modern + Skull & Bones + Call of Cthulhu
Setting: The Carribean, Of Course!

Started: April 2004
Status: Complete

Overview: Creepy High-seas adventure as our privateering heroes race to stop an ancient (but very sexy) evil from returning even more ancient evils to the world! And monkeys!

Reader Comment:
shilsen said:
You have to tell us about the monkeys.

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