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For the setting changes that will be taking place I am promoting a band of ISRP misfits, wayward children turned delinquents, hell bent on earning the next golden coin. A simple and vague story arch for the Souq setting where a band of mischevious children are constantly plotting schemes against the townsfolk and of course the patron's of the tavern. This is not an intricate group with an epic goal and heavy magical potency. They are little tricksters and child sized terrors who provide simple problems. The theme is very open and relaxed, and also subject to expansion by the individual players involved. There will be no extensive rule list, just a few common stipulations. I have a set of roles in which I am trying to fill, but these roles are not required. If you have an idea that you wish to bring to the table, feel free to do so, provided they fall in the same field as the theme of the group, which is kept loose so that you may do just that. The roles I have written are as followed:

The Thief: One of the oldest in the group, the specialist who deals in stealing things, pickpocketing, masterminding small heists, and overall providing for his/her comrades.

The Hustler: A smooth talker, also one of the oldest in the group. This character does not rely on theft, he/she "earns" their golden coins by crafting simple gambling games on wooden boxes, shining shoes, selling fake and/or stolen goods, performing magic tricks, etc etc. This can be built upon quite easily.

The Charmer: The group's youngest and by far the most adorable of the bunch. He/She acts as the set of dimples one can simply not turn down. This character earns their coin by giving out "Sad Stories" of how they came to be, or offers simple adorability, such as but not limited to; "Pay a coin, see me do a twirl!". This position will bring forth sympathy and complete deniability in terms of a group of juveniles terrorizing people. The charmer will also act as a distraction for other more intricate plans the Thief comes up with. (This position is currently spoken for, but more charmer's are always welcome!)

The Pest: By far the most annoying one in the group. The child in the group who likes to be bad just because it's fun. This role is part of the reason these "Street Rats" have such a bad reputation in the Souq. Throwing discarded food at people, setting off firecrackers at the stables, breaking things, and simply just living up to the name "Delinquent". A bad child so set in his/her ways it is better to just avoid than try and help the cause.

The Crybaby: The one who simply whines and complains about everything, the whimp of the group. He/She is always fearful of the plots and schemes of the group, never willingly partaking in the action, always having to be forced. This character is simply timid plain and simple.

The Adventurer: Who can deny this one ? Nobody! Born to explore and bred for victory. He/She knows their role and by no means lies in satisfaction. This character plans to take life in the Souq by the horns and ride wildly into the sunset onto the next adventure. Perhaps the one most likley for success in the group. Often working with the Thief and The Hustler to mastermind the devious plots of the group, this character can easily be indentified as a leader.

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The Runt, The Snitch, The Oddball, The Brawler/Bully, The Mute, the Ugly, and of course The Guard responsible for chasing these hooligans!

Note: I will have to insist that there be a minimum of positions such as only 2 charmers, 2 thieves, 1 hustler, 1 adventurer, 2 pests, 1 crybaby, etc etc.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via E-mail or Instant Messenger at

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Lawl I'm pretty sure I can come up with a good 'Hustler', or maybe 'Pest'. Both of those I'm pretty good at ^^. We'll see what other people are interested in, before I go choosin' which character to build.


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The Runt: One of the younger to middle aged children of the group. The runt is the weakling, too small, too little, too young, too this and too that. Being the weakest in the group is this characters role. "Nobody knows the trouble they've seen, nobody knows their sorrow"

The Snitch: The Tattle Tail! Whenever something goes wrong and the group happens to get caught, this is the one who folds...Perhaps the newest to street life in the Souk, the Snitch is the one who points the finger, not yet understanding the way of the hooligan.

The Oddball/Mute: Perhaps missing a limb, wearing an eyepatch, having skin issues or maybe hair only grows in single strands. The oddball stands out in the crowd as a strange one. This role can range from youngest to oldest, it does not matter. The mute is the character within the group that has a mental and/or physical limitation.

The Ugly: A hard sight to look at, a face only a mother could love. But in a band of orphans, mothers are quite hard to come by. The ugly one is by far....the ugliest in the group ? The rest is up to you should you choose this role.

The Royal Guard: The role the group fears the most. The Royal Guard, hired by either Lady Siani, The Sultan, or perhaps one of the D'Jinn of the Souk who have come to grow tired of the antics of these children. This role is in charge of trying to apprehend the children and deliver them to the respective orphanage of the Souk.

A character note: The Souk/Souq, a creation of Magi Siani is based off of the medievil/ancient middle east as told by 1001 nights, Pathfinder, L5R, and other Arabian based settings. This does not mean that the character per say has to be of the respective origin/nationality but it is a general floorplan to build off of. I will provide a sample list of middle eastern names, mainly from Islamic and Lebanese origin for people who are having difficulties with cultural information. I can also provide language notes, sample phraises and a general overveiw of the culture if needed.

Storyline note: This is not an epic storyline, it is mainly a pestilence in the Souk/Souq. However, concerning the evil types, this band of children can sub contract into the victim stance if accepted by the individual characters partaking in the roleplay. A way for up and coming villains to solidify just how evil they can be.

Thankyou for reading!

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The position for Mute/Oddball has been taken.

Please note that even if these positions are filled, one can always come up with something of their own idea and creation. Also I would like to make clear that I will never turn down a person who applies. I have been observing the "politics" of the website, and with my choice to focus more on the In Character aspects of it all, I just wanted to be clear on my stance with other patrons and possible roleplayers.

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