D&D 5E Stress Testing 5E In BG3


So BG3 has some fairly bonkers stuff in it. Ignoring those aspects I have tested some things that are applicable to 5E ttrpg. BG3 builds using specific items, changed classes or feats are not considered.

Since you cant get a feat at level 1 in BG3 I duplicated some builds in 5E with an elixir of hill giant strength (21 strength same as 20).

1. Short rest party. Hard to achieve in 5E due to players choosing what they want. In BG3 very easy. Warlocks, Monks, bards, moon druids, fighters etc all work. Short rest after every fight IRL or every 1.5-2 combats if DM is actually doing 6-8 encounters and no time pressure. If you're a short rest class short rest a lot. Not every 2-3 combats more like 1-2.

2. All moon druids party or close to it. Moon druids OP at level 2, 6 and 10 IRL. Well abuse it more everyone's a moon Druid (maybe 1 bard or warlock). To many hit points for the AI/DM to deal with in somewhat sane encounter design.

3. The -5/+10 feats and PAM. I've been banging on about these since 2014 and 5.5 is nerfing them it seems. There's a reason for that they're absurd here where you can abuse them. As long as party composition is buffing you via advantage, Bard dice ete. Pretty much every martial power build uses these feats. The rare exceptions tend to require powerful magic items much like the real game. If you hand out a +1 or two handcrossbow, polearm or whatever you need to hive the other weapons a similar bonus with an extra 1d6/1d8 or 2d6 damage to even come close.

3. Dual wielding still kind of sucks outside early levels or heavy magical items found. Dual wielding +3 weapons with an extra 1d8 radiant damage was similar to the -5/+10 feats with mediocre magic item at level 10-12.

4. Control builds with perfect party composition. Think Hunger of Hadar, spike growth and repelling blasts to abuse them. Or hold spells and hypnotic pattern. They do work but death is still the best debuff. One can do decent crowd control via killing stuff faster. This is why the usual suspect feats are so good.

5. Charisma classes are king still. I've claimed that the Sorcerer and Warlocks are better than Wizards in most 5E games. Proficiency in con saves, charisma as a better stat, and more damage via eldritch blast trumps a wizards versatility in most situations. See threads here on exploration where wizards do shine.

If wizards are better its later on, campaign dependent and availability of scrolls, spellbooks etc to aquire more spells. Also dependent on player knowledge to aquire them and DM saying yes.

Twin spell, eldritch blast and bard dice means the wizard loses the social game, damage race, and resource attrition game at levels it matters. This doesn't mean wizards suck btw.

6. Rogue still suck at damage and are best as a dip class or multiclassed. Best at skills is debatable at levels that matter with guidance and bards existing. Without outside help (battlemaster, order cleric) I wouldn't play one if I only cared about mechanics (pick bard or cleric instead).

7. Attrition. You can just race the damage. Normally a bad idea in 5E. Years ago I claimed the healer feat was OP. Context this was the 6-8 encounters thing in early 5E. Doesn't exist in BG but the life domain achieves sonething similar. You can still do this IRL probably via healer feat, moon druids, fighters and twilight cleric. Optimal probably not but one can do it.

8. Magic Items. 5E doesn't deal with magic items very well. BG3 is more like AD&D in terms of magic item quantity. Lots of magic items aren't as much as s problem relative to the quality you're handing out. Ones that enable builds are vastly more powerful than 10 +1 or 2 weapons. In 5E this means polearms, two handed weapons, missile weapons, and hand crossbows. A +3 legendary mace with light, deathward and sunbeam 1/day at level 5 or 6 is less broken than a +2 missile weapon or a polearm same levels.

In previous editions magical longswords, items buffing metamagic or spell DCs were big offenders as well.


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