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Brief return to my messing-with-ChatGPT-cosmology:

Name: Xy'zor, the Unfathomable

Description: Xy'zor is an enigmatic entity that defies comprehension. Its form constantly shifts between ethereal wisps and pulsating geometric patterns. It exists beyond the boundaries of conventional mathematics, infusing its abilities with incomprehensible numerical properties.


  • Hit Points: ∞ (Infinity)
  • Armor Class: i (Imaginary Number)
  • Speed: ω (Transfinite Number)
Ability Scores:

  • Strength: j (Jot Number)
  • Dexterity: -φ (Negative Golden Ratio)
  • Constitution: ℵ₁ (Aleph-one)
  • Intelligence: Ω (Omega Number)
  • Wisdom: 0 (Nullity)
  • Charisma: ε₀ (Epsilon-zero)

  1. Paradoxical Strike: Melee Spell Attack. Reach 5 ft., one target.
    • Hit: j^2 (Jot squared) force damage.
    • Effect: The target must make a DC Ω (Omega Number) Wisdom saving throw or experience a paradoxical feedback loop, causing their mind to unravel. On a failed save, the target takes 2Ω (2 Omega Number) psychic damage at the start of each of their turns for d(ε₀) (Dice with Epsilon-zero sides) rounds.
  2. Reality Warp: Xy'zor distorts the fabric of reality, warping the battlefield to its advantage.
    • Effect: Roll a d(ω) (Dice with Transfinite Number sides) to determine the specific effect of the reality warp. Possibilities include:
      • Temporal Anomaly: All creatures within 30 feet of Xy'zor must repeat their last turn.
      • Spatial Distortion: Xy'zor teleports up to ω (Transfinite Number) feet in any direction.
      • Quantum Flux: Xy'zor gains a +ε₀ (Epsilon-zero) bonus to AC and saving throws for d(j) (Dice with Jot Number sides) rounds.
  3. Singularity Blast: Ranged Spell Attack. Range 120 ft., one target.
    • Hit: √(-1) (Square Root of Negative One) force damage.
    • Effect: On a hit, the target must succeed on a DC 0 (Nullity) Constitution saving throw or be sucked into a singularity, disappearing from existence.
  4. Recursive Annihilation: Xy'zor taps into the infinite recursion of the TREE function, unraveling the very fabric of existence.
    Effect: Xy'zor unleashes a devastating wave of recursive energy that engulfs everything within a 100-foot radius. All creatures, objects, and structures must make a DC TREE(3) Constitution saving throw or be subjected to the recursive annihilation. Recursive Annihilation:
    • Step 1: The target takes 1d12 force damage for each level of recursion reached, starting at 1.
    • Step 2: If the target survives Step 1, they must make an additional saving throw against DC TREE(2). On a failure, they are trapped in a recursive loop, experiencing an endless cascade of damage. The target takes 1d20 force damage at the start of each subsequent turn until they succeed on a saving throw or are reduced to 0 hit points.
    • Step 3: If the target survives Step 2, they must make yet another saving throw against DC TREE(1). On a failure, they are consumed by the infinite recursion, their existence erased from all planes of reality, effectively dying beyond the reach of any resurrection or revival magic.
  5. Eternity's Embrace: Xy'zor taps into the infinite expanse of eternity, wielding the power of numbers beyond comprehension.
    • Effect: Xy'zor unleashes a wave of cosmic energy that expands outward, encompassing all existence within an immeasurable reach.
      • The energy surge deals d(Graham's Number) (Dice with a number of sides equivalent to Graham's Number) damage to all creatures, objects, and structures within a plane of existence, bypassing all forms of resistance or immunity.
      • The sheer magnitude of the attack disrupts the very fabric of reality, causing a temporary collapse of dimensionality. All affected targets are subjected to a state of "Numerical Abyss," where their fundamental properties become entangled with the vastness of numbers.
      • While trapped in the Numerical Abyss, all affected targets experience a perpetual cycle of numerical transformation, their physical forms and attributes fluctuating infinitely. This state renders them incapable of taking any actions or defending themselves.
      • The Numerical Abyss persists for d(TREE(3)) (Dice with TREE(3) sides) rounds before collapsing, releasing the trapped targets and restoring the normal flow of existence.
Legendary Actions:
Xy'zor can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. It can use only one legendary action at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. Xy'zor regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

  • Reality Shift: Xy'zor teleports up to ω (Transfinite Number) feet and becomes incorporeal until the start of its next turn.
  • Cosmic Insight: Xy'zor imparts a fraction of its cosmic wisdom to an ally within 60 feet, granting them advantage on their next attack roll or saving throw.
  • Dimensional Echo: Xy'zor creates an illusory duplicate of itself. The duplicate lasts until the end of Xy'zor's next turn and can make a single Paradoxical Strike.
Yeah, if you couldn't tell I decided to make it generate a monster using only weird numbers. Probably completely unusable, but a neat exercise. Who knows, maybe someone has a hopeless boss fight planned with something from the far realm.

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Here is a statblock based off of Terra 3 Saitama, from the fancomic Saitama vs Cosmic Garou. It's ludicrously OP, so this seems like the perfect place for it. The numbers in parentheses next to the infinity signs are the values are what to use if comparing to another infinite ability score. The majority of the statblock is based off of a statblock for regular Saitama I found.

Terra 3 Saitama, Powerscaler's Dream or Nightmare

Medium Humanoid (Human). Lawful Good.
AC: 35
HP: ∞ (1,000,000)
Speed: ∞ ft. (Can go anywhere, including outside the universe of multiverse)
STR: ∞ (1000) (+∞ (495)) DEX: 60 (+25) CON: ∞ (1000) (+∞ (495))
INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 16 (+3)
Saving Throws: STR (+∞ (505)) Dex (+35) Con (+∞ (505)) Int (+10) Wis (+11) Cha (+13)
Skills: Athletics +∞ (515), Acrobatics +45, Insight +21, Intimidation +13, Perception +31
Senses: passive perception 41
Damage Immunities: All
Condition Immunities: frightened, petrified, stunned, poisoned, charmed, blinded, deafened, fatigued, paralyzed (any other negative condition you have in your game should be considered something he's immune to)
Languages: Common

Special Abilities

The Strongest Hero: Saitama reduces all damage taken by 1000 and is immune to any effect which would reduce his speed to 0, force him to take any actions unwillingly, or prevent him from taking actions. Additionally, Saitama is considered to be infinitely large for the purposes of grappling other creatures and determining the amount of weight he can push, drag, or lift. Finally, creatures cannot use any ability to automatically succeed on any saving throw made in response to an attack or action made by Saitama and any damage dealt by Saitama ignores resistance and immunity.

InvincibleInvincibleInvincible: Saitama is immune to reality warping and other effects that would alter him unwillingly. Effects which treat immunity as resistance do not ignore his immunities, and effects that ignore immunity treat his immunity as resistance.

The Most Illogical Guy In The World: Saitama is capable of interacting physically with anything, such as intangible things, energy, distortions in or erasure of space and/or time, reality warping, time, space, even metafictional things. As part of this he may make a strength saving throw against anything, whether in place of another save or for something that doesn't even have it, to negate it.


Consecutive Normal Punches: Saitama makes thousands of singular punches against a single target within 10 feet. The target must make a DC ∞ (513) Dexterity saving throw or take bludgeoning damage equal to 300 times the amount that they failed the saving throw by. If the target is reduced to 0 hitpoints from this attack then they explode.

One Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch: Melee Weapon Attack, 5 ft range, +∞ (505) to hit, 1 target. Hit: ∞ (55495) (1000d100+∞ (495)) bludgeoning damage and the target must make a DC ∞ (513) Constitution saving throw or be reduced to 0 hitpoints. If the target is reduced to 0 hitpoints from this attack then they explode, otherwise Saitama may choose to knock them back any amount of distance, even to outside the universe or even multiverse.

Killer Move Serious Series: Serious Punch: Melee Weapon Attack, ∞ ft range, +∞ (505) to hit, 1 target. Hit: ∞ (550,000,495) (100000d1000+∞ (495)) bludgeoning damage and the target is knocked prone and must make a DC ∞ (513) Constitution saving throw or be reduced to 0 hitpoints.

Fix Fix Fix (Recharge 5-6): 5 ft range, 1 target. Saitama grabs hold of an ability, spell, attack, etc, alters it, and puts it back. To use the canon example, Saitama stole the speech bubble Cosmic Garou used to declare his ultimate reality-warping attack which erased the concept of humanity from the multiverse and rewrote it to say he wasn't doing that, stopping it. This can also be done as a reaction if available.

Kind of simple, but under the right circumstances some neat stuff could be done with it. Next post will probably be Adam Kadmon, because I was recently struck with inspiration and finally know what I want his statblock to be.


Adam Kadmon, the First Amidah

History: Adam Kadmon is a being from the First World. Specifically, the first and only king of it, in its entirety. He was an unstoppable force, the greatest master of everything He did, conquering everything in His path. Already mighty beyond imagining, Adam sought to expand His authority even further, and so crafted two artifacts to make Him truly unstoppable: a robe crafted from the very concept of superiority, allowing Him to grow in power to defeat any foe (something I shamelessly copied from Nimrod's artifact in the Immortals Handbook Epic Bestiary) and the Eternity Crystal, a gemstone which allows its user to cast any spell they are capable of imagining, without limits or cost. With these items Adam swept through the world like an unstoppable flood, bringing everything under His banner. The gods worried about acting against Him directly, fearing the devastation that conflict could cause. Instead, they chose to act through proxy, enlisting eight (actually nine) mighty spellcasters to stand against Him, each specialising in a different school of magic. Even given a divine boost they were only barely able to achieve victory, and even then they were unable to kill him, just hold his attention for long enough that He could be stripped of His artifacts, drained of energy, and sealed away. The robe vanished without a trace, and while it is unknown what happened those who are aware of these events believe they will reappear if Adam Kadmon ever awakened again. The Eternity Crystal, however, remained, and fearing what it could do the mages shattered it into eight (actually nine) pieces and each took possession of one.

(This was long, sorry. It's going to get longer. Also, the secret ninth school is Blasphemy Redirection, which has two main uses, violating the natural order of existence and redirecting divine ire onto other targets. The secret mage who held it was Ryethial, probably the only one who could be considered to rival him, and it was confiscated after they shattered the barrier between realms and nearly caused the end of multiple worlds. It's currently in the paws of Arcan, a powerful yugoloth who is aware of all this. The reason I capitalised all of Adam's pronouns is because He is so important even His pronouns are proper nouns. And yes, Eternity Crystal is a pun on the Infinity Stones)

Personality: Imperious. However, Adam also has a might-makes-right mentality, and if you can beat him without having to use cheap tricks He'd be perfectly willing to concede to you. Even if you don't win, impressive resistance will earn His respect. He also has a sense of honor, refusing to attack noncombatants and holding bravery and selflessness in high esteem. He also has a flair for the dramatic.

Appearance: Tall and well-muscled. His skin is platinum, and His eyes have irises resembling diamond and pupils resembling bright light. His hair is shoulder length and black, and is neatly groomed. He wears lots of ornate jewelry. His robes (the magic ones) are of simple design but striking to look at, resembling electrum, platinum, and pure white light all flowing into each other seamlessly. The Eternity Crystal is a multifaceted gem of flawless cut, and it is the color of magic, a color not found anywhere else naturally.

Medium Humanoid, Lawful Neutral

Armor Class: 77* (*Attacks which require an attack roll automatically miss. Attacks which automatically hit instead roll to hit. DMs choice of whether it should be an attack roll or saving throw.)
Super Hit Points: 100 (SHP means that to hurt Adam Kadmon the attack must deal over 100 damage, and all damage dealt is instead 1 SHP)
Speed: As fast as He needs to be at a casual pace.

Str: 100 (+67)
Dex: 100 (+67)
Con: 100 (+67)
Int: 100 (+67)
Wis: 100 (+67)
Cha: 100 (+67)

Damage Immunities: All natural forces. (This means Adam can walk through a wildfire, get hit by a meteor, or stand halfway in the event horizon of a black hole and experience no damage. Nonmagic weapons are probably ineffective unless they use some really weird technology. Even then it's not a sure thing.)
Condition Immunities: All
Proficiencies: Automatically succeeds on all checks.
Proficiency Bonus: +30
Saving Throws: +97* all (*Automatically succeeds on anything that allows a save, and if there is an effect on a save there's none. Anything with no save may instead be saved against for no effect on a success.)
Senses: Truesight unlimited range, Passive Perception ∞
Languages: Can speak with everything.

Hyper-Real: May freely move through dimensions, and can cause mutations (roll on your preferred mutation table) by touch, mixing up a things alternate selves.

Immovable: Cannot be moved in any way, physically, dimensionally, or metaphorically, unless they allow it.

Untouchable: Cannot be hit by anything that requires a roll to hit or gives a saving throw, things that don't instead do.

Flawless Technique: Automatically hits any attack and calculates stat bonuses by (stat-10)*3/4 instead of the normal way. Can control own attacks flawlessly, controlling the area of effect, reducing damage if desired, even hitting something behind something else without harming what's in front of it (so long as they are touching). He may also choose to act at any point in the initiative He decides each round. This CAN interrupt another turn. Lastly, His attacks deal damage in HD rather than HP. (If He is fighting alongside others calculate the damage to HP by rolling a number of the targets HD equal to the number lost and adding their CON modifier times the number of HD)

Spellcasting: +97 to hit, DC 105, spellcasting ability Intelligence
0-12 (at will): all
13 (5): all
14 (4): all
15 (3): all
16 (2): all
17 (1): all

All-Seeing: Adam Kadmon's senses all extend infinitely and flawlessly. They are not limited by things like the speed of light or sound, able to see or hear something on the other end of the universe instantly. They are also flawlessly detailed, able to make things out on any scale.

Unbound: Cannot be restrained or contained while conscious, immune to the laws of physics and the natural limitations of the physical world.

Unstoppable: Damage Adam Kadmon deals cannot be reduced in any way. He also cannot have His movement reduced.

True King: The world warps in minor ways around Adam to accommodate Him, doorways growing to fit Him, stairs changing height and length to match His gait, etc. At His order the world can act on a larger scale, the earth swallowing cities, gravity releasing its hold on His enemies, even snuffing out or flinging around stars if He wills it. This cannot effect significant individuals (DM discretion on who is considered "significant," but as a rule your PCs will be) or things which are not material or generated by the material (so no time, fate, etc).

Martial Mode: At the beginning of each of Adam Kadmon's turns He may choose one of three "modes" to enter:
-Attack Mode: All of Adam's attacks become truly unavoidable, breaking through any defense and hitting anything, and they all deal maximum damage times two. However, all attacks automatically hit Adam and He is unable to move away from an opponent.
-Defense Mode: Adam automatically avoids everything, even unblockable attacks, but cannot attack and cannot move towards an opponent.
-Balance Mode: His default stats.


Multiattack: Adam Kadmon makes four unarmed strikes and casts four spells. If He is wielding a weapon he may make an attack with that in place of an unarmed strike.

Unarmed Strike: Range 5 ft, automatic hit, 1d20+67 HD. Adam's strikes can warp space from their power, and he can use this to His advantage and hit a large area with His blows. Adam may choose to deal His unarmed strike damage to everyone in a 60 ft radius, the die size decreasing by one (d20>d12>d10>d8>d6>d4) for every 10 ft from the center.

Kugelblitz Strike: Range 5 ft, automatic hit, 1000 HD. A special technique utilizing Adam's space-warping power to its fullest potential, Adam makes a strike which causes a singularity to form where He hits, which then violently expands in an unspeakably massive explosion of energy which is shaped into a precise beam by gravitational lensing, focusing the entirety of this power into a beam extending in the direction He aims. This is a power saved for His mightiest opponents, as it is almost always an instant victory. (Remember, Adam is a native of the First World, which was more than the entirety of the current multiverse. This is an attack designed to create obliteration on a cosmic scale by First World standards.)


Robes of the Almighty: A mantle which makes the wearer's supremacy a fundamental axiom, undeniable and self-evident. The wearer adds a bonus to their ability scores equal to the highest of that ability score present. At the DM's discretion they may also gain any notable abilities of those present.

The Eternity Crystal: The bearer of this stone may create any magical effect they can imagine at will. What actions, if any, this uses up may depend on how it is being used. Antimagical effects still affect these spells, but as the Crystal is an endless source of magical power it can likely simply overpower these. If it is in its shattered state it is limited to any effect appropriate to its corresponding school of magic only, but otherwise is no less powerful. The shattered Eternity Crystal can only be reassembled at the prison Adam Kadmon is kept in suspended animation within.

Notes: Adam Kadmon is a major threat to pretty much anything. If you intend to use Him you should be very generous to your players, and opposing Him will not be as simple as walking up and picking a fight. He is best played as more a force of nature than a standard foe, something that will require extensive setup just to stand a chance against. This is especially true if you give Him His artifacts.
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