Suggestions for Yuan-ti pureblood minis?

Gleep Wurp

Not the pre-paints that exist, but good minis that work as yuan-ti pureblood. I can just paint some humans green, but I think a pureblood yuan-ti would better have a snakey (but not snake) look. bald head or not much hair, large snakey eyes, or some other snake idea. Scales/ forked tongue. It would be subtle at scale. There is a Reaper monk figure for Pathfinder that is kinda what I'm thinking of. but I was wondering if people had ideas for more.

this is the look I'm going for

There are a couple in older D&D painted minis that I've seen which could work for a yuan-ti pureblood...though these ones are all male.

Harbinger #47 Human Thug
Dragoneye #6 Lion Falcon Monk
Dragoneye #9 Stonechild
Archfiends #19 Ialdabode, Human Psion
Giants of Legend #39 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk
[MENTION=6906785]Gleep Wurp[/MENTION] Also, I just saw a bunch of yuan-ti purebloods for sale on


You might try looking for medusas, githyanki and vampires... possibly even doppelgangers. They should be just not-quite-human enough to read as yuan-ti if painted in snake color schemes.