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Pathfinder 1E Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP Part 2 with your hosts Scotley and MLeibrock

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Was waiting on Lia's spell and and action from Denir. I'm off the next week, so if we don't see something by tomorrow I'll advance things.

[MENTION=8058]Queenie[/MENTION]? [MENTION=2820]Fenris[/MENTION]?


Lia cast her spell already - mage armor on herself.

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OOC: Oops. My mistake. So I wildly overestimated how much free time I'd have being off work for the holidays. I am sorry for the delay. I expect to post tomorrow (really this time).


Thorn 21
Gargoyles 16
Vakeva 15
Mel 63 (or 13)
Denir 13
Vir 10
Banaq (npc for now) 7

Vakeva takes up his archer's stance, not bothering to move from his current position. Quick as a thought, three shafts fly from his bow to the living statue perched atop the northwest corner of the building... and three shafts sprout from the creature's chest just as it launches itself from its perch. The gargoyle perishes in an explosion of rubble, pebbles raining down on those below with a clatter.

Meliara's dragon returned to her as commanded, and Lia tucked her safely into her own robes. She cast her protection spell over herself in preparation for the coming battle.

Denir bravely stands his ground daring the Gargoyles to come within reach of his massive sword.

Vir gets ready at the side of the door should the Ghouls come forth.

Banaq remains below the edge of the cliff on the stairs and casts a protective magic of his own.

Thorn keeps her head down, staying hidden for now and watching the ghouls carefully to see what they do. She wants to take them by surprise as they react to the others, not attract all of their attention all at the same time.

The Gargoyles snarl as the dwarf drops one of their number, but they come on wings snapping in the air as they land before Fenris and 'Keva to attack with their claws. The find the foes are formidable and their attacks come to naught. One calls a warning. An instant later three Ghouls come bounding out the door and turn toward the cliff.

[sblock=Thorn and Vir only] Inside a 'priest' ghoul responds to the warning outside by gesturing at three of the others. They gibber with glee and storm out the door oblivious to the presence of Vir and Thorn for moment. A 5' move will put you each in reach of one. [/sblock]

[sblock=dice] [roll0] [roll1] [roll2] [roll3] [/sblock]

OOC: All may act.
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As the ghouls thin out, Thorn grabs the opening and emerges from her hiding place, moving with virtually superhuman speed as she circles the pack of ghouls to home in on the priest. Her chains seem to writhe and strike as if they were independent things, vicious black snakes with fangs of cold iron. Once as she closes in, then again, and then she's streaking away again, giving only the slimmest of opportunities for counterattack!

(Fleet Charge, costing 1 mythic point, to move up to 30' as a swift action and make a single attack. Then make a single attack, not a full attack, and move away 30'. This incurs an attack of opportunity from the priest ghoul against which Thorn has +4 AC from mobility for a total AC of 26.)

[roll0] and [roll1] +5 for 14, due to this not being an iterative attack after all, for [roll2] and [roll3] damage.
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As the ghouls thin out, Thorn grabs the opening and emerges from her hiding place, the thorned black iron chains snapping, snaring and tearing!

(Targeting the priest if I can get in range, otherwise whatever ghoul is between me and the priest!)

[roll0] and [roll1] full attack, for [roll2] and [roll3] damage.

As I understand, only three ran out, the rest are within. We could rush in mythically, shred the priest and run out


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(OOC - Hm, I could use Fleet Charge to run in as a swift action and get another attack in...though I couldn't run back out for free, so I wouldn't get a full attack action..but it does make sense. I'll adjust my post! Thanks for reminding me about mythic stuff. Been awhile! :))

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