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SWSE - mixing in 5e math and mechanics


Hi all,

Lately I've been toying with the idea of revisiting Star Wars Saga Edition to run a Bad Batch-style game of rogue experimental clones doing A-Team type stuff in the early days of the Empire.

I haven't played SWSE in years now, and I recall there being some wonkiness with the math (Force users being OP at low levels and defenses being too high at the higher levels). I remember using a rather complicated "skill attack modifier" to solve the Force issue. But now I'm wondering if maybe it might work to just rip out the underlying 3.5e math and use 5e's bounded accuracy math instead.

  • Replace BAB with 5e's proficiency bonus
  • Have the three defense scores use the 8 + PB + stat mod formula
  • Have trained skills add PB + stat mod instead of +5 (and the Skill Focus feat can just be Expertise, doubling the proficiency bonus)

There's probably a few other things but those are the big three, I think. I'd want to look at maybe including advantage/disadvantage instead of all the fiddly modifiers. I'm not sure if I'd want to replace the condition track with 5e's exhaustion track.

Anyone got any thoughts, ideas, and/or suggestions? Has anyone tried doing this already?

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