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Syndey Sweeney is a smart business woman, producer, executive producer, and Actress

Don't feel too bad for Sydney Sweeney over Madame Web, because she used it to make connections at Sony and those connections got them to greenlight Everything About You and Barberella.

So far her production company 50/50 films has two movies, both of which are successful.

The first Everything About You made 216 million box office on a 25 million dollar budget, so that's super profitable, so Sony no doubt loves her for that. That's not even counting streaming revenue (I haven't seen it yet).

Immaculate, a horror movie where Sydney plays a Nun, already made $6.5 million on its first weekend on a 9 million dollar budget. This one I think has a different distrubuter, but is still her 50/50 production company. I heard it also has like 2 million euros of tax credits from Italy.

She's also willing to play Spiderwoman again.

She also has other projects in the works.

I do wonder how much of Everything About You revenue goes to her Production Company.

Folks crow about Margret Robbies production company doing Barbie, but its a mistake to underestimate Sydney Sweeney production companies success.

I'm excited for Barberella and I hope Sydney is in the next Spiderman movie.

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