Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

The Gauntlet's Fear of a Black Dragon takes a look at (mostly) TSR-era and OSR adventures...

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The Gauntlet's Fear of a Black Dragon takes a look at (mostly) TSR-era and OSR adventures, analyzes how they play, and then pivots to deeper discussion on GMing a particular facet of that adventure.

I'd like to nominate:

HexTalk - a very informative and engaging practical discussion on hex crawling
Hobbs and Friends of the OSR - Related to old school gaming with very causal interviews with lots of the current publishers in the OSR world. HexTalk and Hobbs and Friends of the OSR are both hosted by the same person (although HexTalk is more of a roundtable discussion of several people).
ggnore - an enjoyable podcast by a bunch of guys playing and talking about role playing games.

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I nominate the Campaign podcast. They concluded their amazing Star Wars story and their new story is absolutely amazing. Heartily Recommend.


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I have too many to choose but... here are a few:

Neoscum, cyberpunk af and the characters rule.

Oneshot, James plays a different, usually unknown, ttrpg every week and has been for years.

Campaign, they just finished up their years long Star Wars run and have started a new (and pretty unique) campaign. It's like steampunk meats pirates but in the sky.

Ryan Boelter

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I'll nominate Protean City Comics (https://proteancity.com/), a fantastic MASKS actual play with an amazing cast of characters and tons of emotion, drama and action.

Also, I'd like to nominate The Broadswords (https://thebroadswords.com/), a wondrous D&D actual play with an all women cast that just keeps getting better and better.

Another amazing and hilarious D&D actual play I'd love to nominate is Fate and the Fablemaidens (https://fatefmcast.com/), another all women cast with a modern-fantasy mix of a world with tons of shenanigans as well as a killer story. It's really hard not to fall in love with this show.


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They've got puns, they've got an affinity for breakfast, they've got firm stances on the wiggliness of traitors, they're Crudely Drawn Swords! An Actual Play Dungeon World podcast. Along with lovely world building, superb characters, and delicious low dice rolls, your ears will also be treated to some choice original music!


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We have several we'd like to nominate!
Myth Takes Podcast from Scavengers network (https://www.scavengersnetwork.com/mythtakes/) is really great; telling captivating stories with Monster of the Week, they have a rotating cast arc to arc and really stellar production; sound effects and music are all top notch.
Fate and the Fablemaidens (www.fatefmcast.com) is an all-woman family friendly D&D podcast that has the most incredible characters and is absolutely fun. Great roleplaying by the players, the DM narrates incredibly well, and you immediately bond with the characters. It's so good.
Queer Dungeoneers (https://queerdungeoneers.podbean.com/) is an all LGBT cast playing through Dungeon World and has all of the same going for it that the others do, plus Aussie accents! Definitely all shows you must check out and that all deserve recognition!
Roll To Play (https://rolltoplaypodcast.podbean.com/) is a series with brilliant GM Kent running different games each session. It's really a great show and its variety keeps it fresh and fun every episode!

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