Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

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The Rolistes Podcast. https://rolistespod.com/
Kalum goes out of his way to bring news from the rpg world by going to conventions, interviewing players, game designers, game publishers, gaming clubs etc... He's always keen to hear and investigate what others are playing in other countries. Also this year he had the funniest actual play recordings. Check out the lone wolf one for a good laugh.

Thanks Moira for recommending the show. It means the world to receive feedback from listeners.

I see many people already recommended The Grognard Files.

I also recommend The Formal Gamer which is an hilarious show and even has special episodes recorded with members of the general public at the Dragonmeet #PodcastZone.

She's a Super Geek is one of my all time actual play favourite shows.

The already nominated multiple times for Ennies, The RPG Academy is always excellent too, including its new bonus show Film Studies.

How We Roll is the best Call of Cthulhu show out there imo.
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Mr. Wilson

I nominate two really different podcasts:

The Order 66 Podcast for FFG's Star Wars RPG. My two favorite episodes are the book reviews (with the authors) and the Isn't that Special episodes.

The Dungeoncast, which is great for learning lore and some crunch for 5E. For those of us who have played awhile, most of it is review, but I recommend it to new players who are interested in lore.

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