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D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC


A smirk crosses my face as the remaining two try to use the ram for cover. "A pack of wolves would cut and run by now. Interesting how they continue. I'll take the one on the left." I say as I loose two more arrows.

Atk: 2#2d20l1+9 11 15

Hex: 1d8+1d6+4 9

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Dessarin Valley
Round 3

“Sounds good to me,” Errol said with a smile, aiming through the arrow slit at the other man, trying to shoot over the ram.

Longbow: 1D20+9 = [4]+9 = 13
1D8+4 = [1]+4 = 5
1D20+9 = [1]+9 = 10
1D8+4 = [1]+4 = 5

Bonus Action:
Action Surge:
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Errol’s Mini Stats]
Errol Character Sheet
Inspiration: Y
AC: 16
HP: 44+7 thp/44 HD: 5/5d10
Superiority Dice: (4/4/R @ d8 DC 14) (Commander’s Strike, Rally, Trip)
Arrows: 47
Arrows used: 4
Bolts: 2
Bolts Used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)*
Second Wind (1/R 1d10+5)
Inspiring Leader (1/R +7)*

[sblock=Party Loot: Claim and put on your sheet before next level up or it goes on Errol’s]
Helm of Heroism (Armour (Helm), Rare (Requires Attunement) Great spirals on the sides of this helm and the pointed nose makes it resemble a ram. Great tales of those that have worn this helm are told the length and breadth of the land, of their courage and selfless deeds that led to great victories. Once per day the wearer can cast the spell Heroism as a first level spell. This spell has a range of self and does not use your concentration. You can choose to use your INT, WIS or CHA as your casting attribute for the spell.
Potion of Healing - Ilvelios
Potion of Superior Healing - Gormak
Potion of Fire Breathing
2 Potions of Flying
20 gp



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The monk doesn't have much ranged capability, so he'll just be ready for if they ever manage to break in..

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