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D&D 5E Tall's PotA Campaign - IC



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https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2syh2ziv4dyl9w/PC%20Dessairn%20Valley.jpg?dl=0]Dessairn Valley[/URL]
ttps://www.dropbox.com/s/4ujwjwi1t1jacgn/PC%20Red%20Larch.jpg?dl=0]Town Map[/URL]

[SBLOCK=DM's Quick info]
Ilvellios (Yavathol)Sun Monk 5
Madmen at haunted keep
[SBLOCK=Wish List]
Insignia of Claws from HotDQ
ring of protection,
cloak of displacement
Ioun Stones
general purpose stuff like items which allow detect thoughts, protection from evil, magic staffs:)[/SBLOCK]

Thateous (Thateous)
Ranger 5
Half elf
[SBLOCK=Wish List]Cloak of Protection
Bracers of archery
Weapon +1[/SBLOCK]

Erol (Kahless)
Fighter 5
Feathergale Rebel
Lord Alliance
​Nothing specific, just a magic weapon

Gormok (AzureWraith)
Barbarian 4
[SBLOCK=Wish List]
Ring of animal influence
Ring of protection
Ring of the ram
Headband of intellect
Belt of dwarves kind
Folding boat
Iron flask
Well of many worlds

Nariah (Gene)
Warlock 4
Half Elf
Best Served Cold
[SBLOCK=Wish List]
Bag of Holding
Broom of Flying
Cloak of Billowing
Clothes of Mending
Cloak of Displacement
Figurine of Wondrous Power Silver Raven
Gem of Seeing
Lantern of Revealing
Medallion of Thoughts
Pearl of Power
Perfume of Bewitching
Philter of Love
Ring of Spell Storing
Rod of the Pact Keeper (as a staff... Drool)
Staff of the Python[/SBLOCK]
[SBLOCK=Magic Items]
The sword is Reszor
Rapier (uncommon), requires attunement
Reszor was commissioned by a soldier turned assassin to enhance his ability to kill without being detected. It has a star motif etched into the blade and the handle is of blue leather. Dried blood clings to the blade and cannot be cleaned off.

The weapon counts as magical and when you make an attack against on opponent while hidden the attack will make no noise. Additionally, when you make an attack with this weapon and get to use bonus damage dice, such as superiority dice or sneak attack dice, roll an additional die and discard the lowest. When you say the command word "Reszor" the blade will glow with dim light out to a 5ft radius, saying the command word again will turn the light off. Finally there is a mild curse on the blade that drives the wielder to kill. After rendering an opponent incapacitated or unconscious make a DC7 WIS saving throw to stop yourself from killing the creature.

Amulet of Health From Post 1054

Ring of Fire Resistance

The Helm of Heroism
Armour (Helm), Rare (Requires Attunement)
Great spirals on the sides of this helm and the pointed nose makes it resemble a ram. Great tales of those that have worn this helm are told the length and breadth of the land, of their courage and selfless deeds that led to great victories.

Once per day the wearer can cast the spell Heroism as a first level spell. This spell has a range of self and does not use your concentration. You can choose to use your INT, WIS or CHA as your casting attribute for the spell.

Total: 900 + 1075 + 1550 + +800 + 1100 + 1425= 6850 (14000 for level 6)
[SBLOCK=Feathergale Spire:1075XP]
Shallow Graves: 25
Reach Feathergale: 200
Uncover Cult connections: 200XP
Joined the Manticor Hunt: 100XP
Made an Ally of Savra: 50XP
Made an Enemy of Thurl: 150XP
Reach Knifepoint Gully: 250XP
Ally with Aarakocra: 100[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Riverguard Keep:1550 XP]
Locate the keep: 50
Reach the keep: 200
Jolliver: 800
Find the stream: 500
[SBLOCK=Sacred Stone Monastery:800]
Locate the Monastery: 50
Reach the Monastery: 200
Marlos Testament: 200
Ally with Renwick: 350

[SBLOCK=Sacred Stone Monastery:1100]
Locate Monastery: 50
Reach the Monastery: 200
Marlos's Testament: 200
Ally with Renwick: 350
Rescue Slaves: 300
Womford Rats: 125
RP bonus: 600 mostly to be folded into Feathergale XP later
Reaver Ambush: 100
Haayon 600


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From what you have heard about the troubles in the region, Red Larch is as good a place as any to start. Situated at a junction of five roads along the main caravan route linking north and south, Red Larch offers the best place to find information, work, allies, or even just a good rest.

After some travel you arrive in Red Larch, the busy streets are at odds with the many closed business where would be customers wait to be served facing workers loitering outside shut buildings. Both the inn and the tavern seem under-used, though the inn does have a few patrons outside watching. Many people are in the streets apparently waiting for something. With a large caravan setting up camp just out of town, it doesn’t take great intellect to realise that Red Larch is in crisis. Perhaps the large sinkhole in the middle of town has something to do with it, though the lack of interest in the sinkhole suggests otherwise.

The busiest crowd seems to be gathering by the butcher’s, alternating between strained silence while the crowd listens and sudden outburst of anger.

As Ilvellios entered the town he looked around curiously, wary for trouble. Some kind of commotion drew him to the butcher’s shop, where a crowd seemed to be gathering, intent on something inside. A heavily armed group dressed in Mirabar army clothing pushed its way into the crowd causing some disgruntled remarks but nothing more. Moving on to the other curiosity in town Ilvelios went to examine a large sinkhole in the middle of the town. Seeing signs of recent battle, Ilvelios climbed down into the hole where he heard voices coming from a tunnel to the east and spotted a half elf walking in from the north.

JV mooched around the town for a while until his curiosity about what was riling the townsfolk up got the better of him. Chatting with some of the crowd at the butchers shop, he learned that a large number of town elders had recently been arrested for conspiracy and murder. It had something to do with the sinkhole, but everyone had a different theory as to what. Deciding to investigate and knowing of an entrance in the wagon works JV wandered south down a tunnel until he met an elf climbing down the sinkhole.

Brief introductions followed before voices and laughter from the east tunnel drew the pair further along, to a group of human men playing some sort of game involving walnuts and floating stones in a half collapsed chamber.

Nariah looked around the town, unimpressed by the misogynistic status quo. Initial anger at some women in stokes faded when she noticed twice as many men were also in stocks. Drawn to the butcher’s where she watched a heavily armed group from Mirabar push their way into the crowd, followed presently by a small figure, possibly a gnome. Shortly thereafter the crowd was dispersed and the butcher, looking bewildered, and four men made their way to the tavern. Deciding to investigate, Nariah followed the men into the Tavern.

Snikkelfritz watched as four armed dwarves and a human from Mirabar pushed their way through the crowd at the butcher’s. Making use of the distraction and his diminutive stature, Snikkelfritz pushed his way through the crowd to catch the end of the conversation. The human from Mirabar appeared to be an envoy and was upset about some trade bars found under the town, insisting that a delegation must have come to harm to part with them and insinuating that the town was either involved in that harm or in league with those who were. Pushed out with the crowd, Snikkelfritz managed to follow the butcher, apparently being looked to for leadership, into the tavern.

Erol skirted round the sinkhole in town and the crowd around the butchers shop, spotting a plate gauntlet placed innocently enough in the window of the clothier he went inside to introduce himself. Making himself known to the local Lords Alliance contact proved rather fruitful. He learned a great deal about what had happened in the town regarding twelve of the village elders forming a cult of sorts that had been secretly guiding the town’s development for at least two generations. More recently they had turned to darker pursuits of murder, guided by a newcomer, a strange priest who appeared to worship the very earth itself. Maegla Tarnlar, Erol’s contact, couldn’t give him any specific information on the missing woman from Waterdeap, but told him of some Waterdavian nobles, who fancied themselves as protectors of the area based in an old haunted keep called Feathergale Spire. She also asked if he could keep a lookout for a coded document for the Alliance that the missing delegation was carrying. He was best speaking to Harbuk, the butcher who would either be in the butchery of the tavern.

In the tavern, Harbuk and his four lads along with a few town drunks, a gnome, a half elf and a human make up all the clientele at this time of day.

In the cavern the workers appear sheepish about being caught by the elf and half elf messing around instead of working.



'Don't worry about us lads, we won't mention the gambling to anyone! Must be pretty boring, being stuck down here, I can imagine. Julius, I don't seem to have anything on me, why don't you offer these poor guys a drink?'

Ilvellios smiles amiably, while trying to size up how tough these workers are, and how many exits there are if trouble should break out.

These guys are guards, or miners of some kind? With local accents or from out of town please? And how many exits are there?

[sblock]Ilvellios hp 21/21
Str +0(+2 Saves), Dex +3(+5 Saves), Con +1, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha -1
Acrobatics +5, Survival +5, Stealth +5, Insight +5, Perception +5
AC 16
Inspiration no
Ki: 3/3
HD: 3/3
Quarterstaff +5, 1d8+3
Unarmed/Radiant Bolt +5, 1d4+3


[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Red Larch[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Late afternoon[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Errol ordered a couple ales. Sipping one, he walked over to where Harbuk the butcher sat with his four friends. He set the other ale in front of the man. “Looks like you’re having a hard day, friend,” the man said, adjusting the longbow on his back and the rapier on his belt as he took a seat across from the butcher. “Care to discuss it?”[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Action: [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][sblock=Errol’s Mini Stats][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][URL="https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw4vQ37iiQ6OMkZOUUZZc1VrQVU"]Errol Dax[/URL][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]AC: 15[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]HP: 28/28[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Superiority Dice: 4/4 @ d8 (Commander’s Strike, Rally, Trip)[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Arrows: 40/40[/FONT][/COLOR]


First Post
Snikkelfritz sat as close to Harbuk as possible, listening in on the conversation while taking his time with his whiskey.

OOC: Do you want me to roll anything?

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In the cavern
GM: Sorry some of the details got missed. Part of the cavern has caved in and there are timber baulks shoring up the cave in. In the tunnels approaching the cavern is more timber stacked out of the way. The way you came in is the only way out.

“Err… t’anks.” replies one of the men in a local accent. He is dressed in well worn tradesman’s clothes and his hands have ingrown splinters on the palms. “We was done for t’ day, just blowin’ off so’ steam. The boss thou’ this would take a lo’ longer ‘n it did. Build by dwarves see, they knows their stone so ev’n part broke i’s still string. Som’ing they did ‘ere makes t’ stones float an’ easy to push about.”

The other two men are also in well worn tradesman’s clothes, though the dust trapped in the fabric is greyer than the speaker’s. Around the room are a number of part worked stones, these are the ones they have been pushing to crush the walnuts, some carpenters tools, some chisels and mallets, a couple of stone picks and more timber. Along two of the walls are some stone benches that contain the long dead remains of dwarves.

“Care to place a wager afore we take ya up on tha’ drink?” adds the carpenter tentatively.

In the Tavern
As Errol sat down Harbuk started, his worried look turned quickly to gratitude at the site of the ale. “Looks like you’re having a hard day, friend, care to discuss it?” Errol said. Harbuk took a long draught of his fresh drink taking the opportunity to size up the newcomer. He was formidably armed, if he could use that hardware he would prove useful, if not – well. “A hard couple of days, likely to be longer.” He said putting his drink back on the table. “We’ve had bit of an upset with some of the more prominent members of the town, but that’s something that we can handle. What’s really bothering me now is toff’s from Mirabar making demands and veiled threats because some other toffs have gone missing. I could do with someone trying to find some information on the delegation.”

The door to the tavern opens and a man dressed in the rough clothes of a farmer enters. Looking around he spots Harbuk, steps towards him, then realises that Harbuk is busy and diverts to one of Harbuks companions from the butcher’s. After a warm greeting and some small talk something the newcomer says catches the ear of those who are listening, “…shallow graves on the road to Womford. They weren’t there when I went home last week and today there they are. Thought I’d best let Harbuk know.”



Red Larch
Late afternoon

Errol sipped his own ale as he listened to Harbuk’s woes. “You in charge around here, then?” he asked. “That why Mirabar is on you? I overheard a bit about it. Been thinking of looking into it, perhaps. If the money is good.” He likely would have done it without the money, but he couldn’t exactly do the job pro bono without people asking questions. He couldn’t reveal his status as an agent of the Lords’ Alliance.

A farmer came in and pulled one of the men from the table and Errol overheard. “Womford. Is that on the road to Mirabar?” he asked, trying to recall the area here north of Waterdeep.


[sblock=Errol’s Mini Stats]
Errol Dax
AC: 15
HP: 28/28
Superiority Dice: 4/4 @ d8 (Commander’s Strike, Rally, Trip)
Arrows: 40/40



"I'm not much of a gambler, actually", Ilvellios apologized to the miner, "but this is all fascinating! I'd heard that there were some old dwarf settlements around here, but I'd never realised Red Larch was actually built on top of one! How old do you think those graves are, eh? And more importantly, do you reckon there are any other large caverns under the village which might cause us structural damage?

[sblock]Ilvellios hp 21/21
Str +0(+2 Saves), Dex +3(+5 Saves), Con +1, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha -1
Acrobatics +5, Survival +5, Stealth +5, Insight +5, Perception +5
AC 16
Inspiration no
Ki: 3/3
HD: 3/3
Quarterstaff +5, 1d8+3
Unarmed/Radiant Bolt +5, 1d4+3


In the Cavern
The carpenter looks a bit disappointed at not getting to gamble. ”Not sure abou t’other caverns, der old dwarf forts were s’posedly inna hills. Guess dey musta some forts along der edges o’ der empire. Dis one only collapsed ‘coz o’ some strange priest der elders were following, I reckon it’s stand another thousand years wi’out so much as a crack.” He says looking around. “Couldn’t say how ol’ der bodies are. Me boss - Thork - at Thelorns safe Journeys coul’ pro’lly tell yer more.”

In the Tavern (The Helm at Highsun)

Harbuk looks at Errol over another long pull of his ale, “I were the constable ‘ere, ‘til we had to arrest all the elders. So things have fallen to me for now.” He takes another draught before going on. “Would certainly be doin’ me a favour if ye did. Can’t offer much in the way of coin, but many o’ the delegates are wealthy aristocrats from Mirabar, an’ the shield dwarves of Mirabar look after their own.”

The man asked about Womford, “Not a local lad then? Womford is south east o’ here, couple o’ days walk along the Cairn Road. Before all this happened I recall hearing form a caravan guard that he saw the delegation grossing the Stone Bridge towards Beliard, both are a couple o’ days north along Larch Path”

GM: The Cairn Road is the same road Errol would take to Feathergale Spire.

GM: Your characters would definitely know that Mirabar is pretty far to the north (200 to 300 miles). The Long Road is the overland link from Mirabar to Waterdeep. The missing delegation would be quite a serious undertaking by the rulers of Mirabar – not a regular occurance.

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