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D&D 5E Teaching DnD to Young Wizards & Warriors (Free Adventure Scenario for Summer Fun)

Von Corellon

I recently taught Winter and Spring sessions of “Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons” for two groups of elementary school students at a private school in Southern New England.

It was an amazing experience that was often challenging even for one such as myself with many years in the classroom and many more in the dungeon. This summer I’ll be running two week-long camps for middle school
students and a few returning players making their way up the ranks towards middle.

The adventure, Guardians of Winterwall: Special Delivery is free for a limited time on DMsGuild and offers a simplified Character Creation system and gaming experience for young wizards and warriors, with lots of colorful handouts, riddles, and puzzles that complement a skills-based scenario with optional combat encounters.

Download and play with your young adventurers this summer!
Below is my Author’s Note, meant to mimic the familiar layout of an encounter.
Link to free copy of Guardians of Winterwall: Special Delivery is here: Guardians of Winterwall: Special Delivery
Do you teach young warriors and wizards? what are your experiences?


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