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5E Television ball

abe ray

Registered User
This crystal ball when thrown at foes traps them in a DANGEROUS television show for 25 hours, if they survive then they are released and can’t be trapped again for the same amount of time that they were trapped! I’m just not sure if it should be rare or just uncommon.
If it’s used in version 3.5 what spells & cost would be appropriate?


Well, setting aside the television aspect and focusing purely on the mechanics, it's basically a maze spell with a 25-hour duration. A reusable item that can cast maze once per day would have a recommended price of 43,200 gp in 3E. Don't know how you would adjust that for the higher duration, though. Does it grant a save?

Paul Farquhar

It's something that might be used against the players once.

It's not something I would ever let the players use against foes, since you then have to recount the monsters' adventures whilst the PCs sat and watched them.

And it would get old very quickly if it happened to players more than once.

So the rule of fun dictates that there is only one such item in the game. Therefore it's rarity is Unique.