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I just came across this blog post, which includes a mention of some creative Knave spells:
Dodocahedron said:
Knave features a very nice spell list. My favorites include:
  • Adhere: Object is covered in extremely sticky slime.
  • Disassemble: Any of your body parts may be detached and reattached at will, without causing pain or damage. You can still control them.
  • Invisible Tether: Two objects within 10ft of each other cannot be moved more than 10ft apart.
  • Mirrorwalk: A mirror becomes a gateway to another mirror that you looked into today.
  • Sculpt Elements: All inanimate material behaves like clay in your hands.
On his YouTube channel, Ben Milton spends so much time on retroclones, probably due to how much of the OSR is made up of them, that I had no idea that Knave was so much wilder and crazier than OSE.

Are there many Knave spells that aren't just standard TSR D&D spells? Are these level based or is it a system where any caster can use them? I feel like I need to plunder these for Shadowdark ASAP. I love me some cool spells that aren't just killing things up in sort-of new ways.

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Spells / spellbooks in Knave each take up an inventory slot, and allow the person carrying it to cast the spell as an action - if something needs to refer to the level of a spell, it's the casters INT, or any number lower than that. A few personal favorites:

Catherine: A woman wearing a blue dress appears for INT hours. She will obey polite, safe requests.

Liquid Air: The air within INT x 10' of you becomes swimmable

Marble Madness: Your pockets refill with marbles every round for INT rounds.

Edit: There's also rules for what the game calls 'relic magic', something along the lines of having a patron (I assume like Ningauble and Sheelba) gift you with power, but it recommends working with the player to figure out what that is.
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Holy crap, those are amazing.

Ben Milton really needs to wave his freak flag more on the Questing Beast channel.
I don't know how I forgot to mention this one:

Snail Knight: In 10 minutes, a knight astride a giant snail rides into view. He is able to answer most questions related to quests and chivalry, and may aid you for INT days if he finds you worthy. The snail cannot move faster than a walk.

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