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Temple of Kubla Khan update

Troll Lord

First Post
Greetings and all that!

I just finished up a conversation with the printer for the Temple of Kubla Khan. All proofs have been finalized and this book is set to finish printing and ship on Tuesday.

This d20 adventure is a limited print run adventure by Casey Christofferson and a special release for the KublaCon convention in San Francisco (did I spell that right?). It will be available at the show at our booth. It is also available through our website. We are printing a limited, very limited number of these. 300 I think.

For more about Kubla Con: http://www.kublacon.com/

For more information on the module:

A Crawling Madness!
For nearly a millennia, the half ruined hilltop Keep known as the Temple of Kubla Khan has loomed over the surrounding. Built by the Dwarven prophet, St. Canor, the ancient temple served to bind a horrid beast of chaos
and evil in eternal imprisonment. For deep beneath the hallowed temple walls lie the chambers of the Crawling Queen, a creature of nightmare and dread chaos. St. Canor battled her of old and bound her through the magic of
three Ward Stones. Many years have passed, from that day to this . . . . and not all the ancient magics binding her are remembered or even working.

In dark, dank hallways and twisted corridors lie the secrets of the past. Plunge into that black pitch of evil to battle a host of creatures and strive to keep the binding upon the Crawling Queen. But strange things lie in the
deeps of the world, forgotten magic and unheard of monsters. It is your time now, to answer the call to the ruins of the ancient Keep, to defeat a plethora of converging evils and save the world from doom

Special Collector's Edition Module
This special edition module is only one of three hundred printed. The Temple of Kubla Khan has been designed specifically for play at the Kubla Con Dungeon tournament in San Francisco at the 2004 Kubla Con Convention.

Temple of Kubla Khan is a d20 adventure module designed for 4-6 characters of levels 6-8. The Temple of Kubla Khan is a limited edition module designed specifically for play at the Kubla Con classic dungeon tournament
and will be released at the Kubla Con Convention in San Francisco, one of the largest and longest running game conventions on the West Coast. The Temple of Kubla Khan is completely compatible with Dwarven Forge's
Master Maze geomorphs. Written by the best of d20 authors, Casey Christorfferson, this limited edition adventure module promises to be a classic!

Available at KublaCon or through special order only!

Temple of Kubla Khan
Adventure (d20); Perfect Bound, $10.95, 48 pages;
Stock Code TLG 1903, ISBN 1-931275-06-8.

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