D&D 5E Temporal Sentinel (Echo Knight/Chronurgy) Build


I am about to start up a campaign that goes to level 13 and decided to spin up a multiclass that I thought was interesting and always wanted to try. An Echo Knight 6 / Chronurgy Wizard 7 MC.

The idea is that the PC has an Acolyte background and is a disciple of Chronos, the Father of Time. He has studied in battle techniques and magic that manipulate time and timelines, such that he can speed up or slow down time, momentarily stop or reverse time, and even pull shadows of himself from other timelines to aid him in battle.

I thought the main skills of Echo Manifest (pulling versions of me from other timelines), Chronal Shift (Reversing Time to change outcome), and Momentary Stasis (Momentarily freezing time) all lent themselves to a really cool character flavor.

Downside is that this build is a bit tricky because its a MAD (STR/INT/CON), but I think could be effective. Have some questions for this group, since I have never played either an Echo Knight or a Chronurgy Wizard, so am generally looking to see if this is a viable option. Here is the proposed build. Time Warden Build (level 13)
  • Race: Variant Human
  • Starting Stats: STR: 15 / DEX: 8 / CON: 14 / INT: 15 / WIS: 10 / CHA: 8
  • Final Stats: STR: 18 / DEX: 8 / CON: 14 / INT: 18 / WIS: 10 / CHA: 8
  • Feats: Sentinel (Starting) / Tough (late game)
  • Fighting Style: Dueling
  • Equipment: Heavy Armor / Sword & Board
  • Spellbook:
    • Cantrips: Booming Blade, Light, Sword Burst, Ray of Frost (campaign is Avernus so no fire)
    • Level 1: Absorb Elements, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Shield, Feather Fall, Gift of Alacrity, Protection from Good and Evil
    • Level 2: Hold Person, Mirror Image, Misty Step, Shadow Blade
    • Level 3: Counterspell, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Slow
    • Level 4: Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility
My questions:
  • Is this a viable build or am I going to be underpowered by end game?
  • Should I be thinking STR build or DEX build (for the initiative and pick up Mage Armor, Rapier instead)?
  • GWM or stick with Sword & Board?
  • How is the spell selection. Anything I should change?
  • How should I be thinking about approaching the playstyle?
I think this is a cool idea but thought I would go to the experts! Thanks!

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