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Terra Subterranea and The Caverns of Lost Time


(OOC: Before I forget, here's the substantially overgenerous XP award that I am required to give for defeating that monster--

Level 5: 1285
Level 6: 1028
Level 7: 900
Level 8: 685

OK, this does not appear to contain a time xp award. Therefore, to start with I can grant you xp from 1/21/08 to 11/14/08. We'll round that off to 10 months.

Time XP:
Level 5: 2,500 xp
Level 6: 3,000 xp
Level 7: 3,500 xp
Level 8+: 4,000 xp

Your part way into a major battle, so I'll also grant an xp award for that. I'm going to somewhat arbitrarily declare it to be (as a partial battle) 1/2 of the reward from the previous combat, so:

Level 5: 642
Level 6: 514
Level 7: 450
Level 8: 342

If anyone made 9 in the meantime, I'll have to do some math. :)

Level 5: 3,142 xp
Level 6: 3,514 xp
Level 7: 3,950 xp
Level 8: 4,342 xp
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