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Kickstarter The 13th Fleet: a sci-fi game of dark humor and treachery


Coming soon: The 13th Fleet

Starting Feb 1st on Kickstarter for just 2 weeks!
Using a standalone version of the Forged in the Dark system, it’s the comedic tale of questionable starship Captains and their dwindling supply of Redshirts trying to stay alive behind enemy lines, despite a pursuing armada and their own backstabbing.
The light-hearted setting and structured rules facilitate an occasionally adversarial game, where the only way Captains can relieve dangerous Stress is to cause each other Entanglements.
It’s a mix of Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series, Blades in the Dark, Paranoia, Junta, and a Mirror Mirror FASA Star Trek setting.
A preview of the 2 min Character Creation video can been viewed here.
While ZineQuest3 rules require a black and white saddle stitched booklet, additional pledge levels include digital assets of illustrated card decks to replace several charts in the game for playing on Roll20 (like we kind of all should be).
13th Fleet Digital Material.jpg

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