Kickstarter The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything

The Amethyst Dragon

Maker of Fine Homebrews
The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything is a 575-page book filled with all manner of options and ideas for adventurous players and DMs/GMs. Spells, magic items, subclasses, species & ancestries, equipment, poisons & diseases, points of interest, and more are included.

All of the work for the book will be completed before the Kickstarter campaign in mid-March. Funding will be used to finance the printing of the 4 1/2 pound hardcover tome and pre-production expenses that went into it.

Nothing in the book was ai-generated. It is all the work of a human creator and various human artists.

You can follow the project now, so you will be notified when the Kickstarter goes live at:

A list with most of the 1700+ creations within the book is found at The site also has links to everything I've done, including my Discord server where anyone can get updates on the book's progress and ask any questions.


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