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Danny .... I hate to break it to you .... but Jack in the Box isn't an Indian-Mexican joint.
I would challenge you to find Chicken 65, Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicharróns at a Jack in the Box!* Alas, since Taco Naan closed, I haven’t had Indo-Mex in a while.

There’s a place a bit farther down the road I haven’t tried yet, but they’re on my radar.

* FWIW, I have been eating breakfast jacks for at least 40 years now. For the record, that’s the ONLY thing I eat there.


I'm currently planning a trip to Madrid to celebrate twenty years of being self-employed. While Madrid is always a lovely place to visit, the main attraction now will be dinner at Quimbaya, a Michelin-starred Colombian restaurant.

For those of you who scoff at "fancy" restaurants: nowadays (at least in Europe) they're not overpriced and stuffy, they're usually very friendly and the "experience" is all about the food and drink. Innovative combinations of flavours and textures. The other day my wife and I had a lunch that included (after half a dozen amuses bouches) things like a tartlet of pickled vegetables topped with sweet-pea puree and a veal tartar in a potato cannelloni served with a puree of sweetcorn and mustard ice-cream. (And yes, there was a spear of asparagus too, because it's spring in the Netherlands.)

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