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TSR The Cult of Abaddon - Release from NuTSR/TheEvilDM

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Well, that was fun
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Jason doesn't go into any detail about the editing problems in this video, but in both the video before and after this one on his channel he goes into weird side rants that are clearly justifications for the errors. This includes a tangent about errors in other books, and a justification that "old people with bad eyesight" should be forgiven for editing failures.
That's ridiculous. Why are they hiring editors can't edit?

Basically, WotC could serve a C&D and possibly file an injunction to stop them from even selling the module.

They didn't do it often after 3E's OGL, I recall one module that got blocked because they used shadow dragons which were not in the SRD but in a licensed FR product.
Probably something from Fast Forward Games (Entertainment). WoTC made Jim Ward pulp multiple titles because he couldn't grok the OGL.

Probably something from Fast Forward Games (Entertainment). WoTC made Jim Ward pulp multiple titles because he couldn't grok the OGL.
It was a LONG time ago, I think it was a Necromancer Games module. One of their first dozen or so. And that at least was just a minor mistake; they didn't realize the SRD didn't contain shadow dragons, they were only in a FR supplement that was not part of the OGL.

Yeah, as I've looked at Jim's recent work over the last decade or so, I'm not impressed with it. When FF books first came out my brother got several of them and was shocked and dismayed at the incredibly poor quality of them.

It honestly feels, sometimes, like this fragment of the OSR community hasn't grasped that it isn't the late 70's anymore. Hire professional editors. Don't lift artwork from random sources, commission artists to do the work and give them the proper credit. And you can have an old school feel but still have a coherent rules system; telling people to just "make their own rules if it doesn't work for you" is lazy and unprofessional.


David Flor, Darklight Interactive
Back on topic... it seems that Vincent "The Evil DM" Florio has pretty much vanished off the face of the Earth, which is a particularly strange thing to do immediately after releasing a major product. As far as I can tell he's hardly done any promotion for it.

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