Level Up (A5E) The Demilich's Devour Soul Ability


Thanks so much for putting together the Monstrous Menagerie. I pretty much only use these versions of the monsters when I run games.

However, there is some wording I'm not 100% clear on involving the demilich. The Devour Soul attack.

The text is: "The demilich targets one creature within 120 feet, forcing it to make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, or if all the large soul gems on the demilich’s skull are occupied, the creature takes 40 necrotic damage, and the demilich regains the same number of hit points. If the target fails its saving throw and there is at least one unoccupied soul gem on the demilich’s skull, the demilich regains 40 hit points, and the target dies instantly. Its soul is trapped in a soul gem on the demilich’s skull, visible as a tiny, creature-shaped mote of light. While its soul is trapped, a creature can’t be restored to life by any means. A soul that remains in a soul gem for 30 days is destroyed forever. If the demilich is defeated and a soul gem crushed, the creature is restored to life if its body is within 100 miles. A creature that succeeds on a saving throw against this effect is immune to it for 24 hours.

I bolded the last sentence because I'm not sure if this immunity applies only to the soul trapping affect or to the entire attack (i.e. necrotic damage). If it doesn't apply to the necrotic damage, this means the demilich can do 40 points of necrotic damage each round automatically (because that's the damage that's done when the save is successful). But on the other hand, if the immunity applies to the damage portion (as well as the soul trapping part), then after a few rounds of good Wisdom saves, the demilich is effectively left without an attack on its turn. Of course, he could use his soul trapping ability on his minions (if he has any) to regain hit points.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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I would run it as they are immune to the failed-save effects (essentially they auto-save after the first time).

I'm basing that on a few things:
1) It's the only offensive standard action that is listed.
2) 40 damage per rounds for a CR 18 creature doesn't seem like a ton, even if it is automatic (haven't gone through comparing though)
3) The combat section give the impression it flies around spamming the ability.

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