The Divine Path

le Redoutable

Call me the Gaspi
9 Healer
8 Priest
7 Cleric
6 Paladin
5 Warlord
4 Cavalier
3 Lord
2 Drunkard
1 Peasant
0 Coward

( you can add 1 to these Levels so as to build Levels of 1-10 instead of 0-9 )


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le Redoutable

Call me the Gaspi
there were also stats associated with D Path

9 Healer ---- Swiftness
8 Priest ---- Memory
7 Cleric ---- Survival Instinct
6 Paladin --- Intuition
5 Warlord --- Empathy
4 Cavalier -- Dexterity
3 Lord ------ Strength
2 Drunkard -- Constitution
1 Peasant --- Tactics
0 Coward ---- Presence

well, time has passed ...

le Redoutable

Call me the Gaspi
the same 10 stats would be arranged differently on the other Power Sources
( rule here is no stat can appear at the same position when engaged in different Power S )
( also a bit of nostalgia incoming from Name Levels of 1st Ed Ad&d )



Why are Drunkard - Peasant in that order instead of the other way?

Should freeman be between the higher of those two and lord if those belong on the scale?

The jump from lord to cavalier seems odd because it goes from civic power to martial power.

Having both warlord and cavalier feels odd to me.

le Redoutable

Call me the Gaspi
well, at first you are a coward,
then you retire and cultivate the ground ( that relaxes )
then you drink to train courage,
then you cease drinking and are ennobled
then you run to the enemy liege
then you reign in the battlefield
then you dive to help diers on the battlefield
then you fight evil forces
then you work for evil to lose grip
then you spend most of your time healing the newcomers

( or so )

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